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Big-FAT-ShitHeads-of the World, a List

(Our Sincere apologies to Big Fat ShitHeads not on our list)-
      Note: Use of  see: The "N" Word--
--Shithead of the Month--
-After calling Vice President Dick Cheney a "coward" for not having served in Vietnam, Senator Tom Harkin D-IA, has been exposed for lying about his own Vietnam service - or, lack thereof.
Also see Stolen Valor,
page 182
  Sen. Tom Harkin, D-IA
Thief & Lying SOB
Harkin: "...One year [I] was in Vietnam. I was flying F-4s and F-8s on combat air patrols and photo-reconnaissance support missions."  story

It turns out that Mr. Harkin had not seen combat nor had he ever served or been in Vietnam; he was stationed in Japan ferrying aircraft to and from repair depots.-

ACLU Communists

AFL-CIO---Criminals, Thugs

Gloria Allred---gives Lesbians Bad Name

Robert  Altman---Hollywood bigot & Jerk

Amnesty International---Fools3

Kofi  Annan---UN's BIG- n-i-g-g-e-r

Yasser  Arafat   Terrorist's  Terrorist

Ed  Azner   from the 4th planet

Bruce  Babbitt   ba ba ba butt head

Alec  Baldwin   man of his word!  leaving the USA?

Robert "Bob" Beckel  Robo Dem

Paul  Begala   Big fat clinton's Liar 

Richard  Ben-Veniste  Clintons' Apologist & Hack

Marion  Berry   cracker -n-i-g-g-e-r

Sidney  Blumenthal  Clinton Mouthpiece

David  Boies   Clinton Hoe, another..

Julian  Bond   Idiot without a country

David E. Bonior---Traitor, Baghdad Democrat

Jimmy  Breslin---so full of shit has to take 2 cabs

Willie  Brown---Real piece of work

Jerry  Brown, Jr.---crook     Retired by the VOTERS

Jerry  Brown, Sr---crook

Robert "kkk" Byrd---white --n-i-g-g-e-r

Jimmy  Carter   Traitor,  self-serving Narcissus

James  Carville  "Q-Ball"  -Big sack of Shit

Fidel  Castro   Terrorist, Despot

Dick  Cavett  Two Faced Mealy Mouth 

Jacques  Chirac   Head Weasel in deck of weasels

Deepak  Chopra   from Mars

Chris  Christofferson zero

Warren  Christopher  railroading son of a bitch

Ramsey  Clark   Communist

Richard  Clarke  Gives new meaning to "Two Faced"

David  Clennon---Hollywood bigot

Bill  Clinton   Traitor,--n-i-g-g-e-r

Hilary  Clinton  Traitor,  one Scary Bitch

George  Clooney---Hollywood bigot, Knows everything

Adam  Clymer   New York Times' big fat liar

Kattie  Courick  NBC's Chipmunk 

Walter  Cronkite  Traitor, Killer, Shithead3

Mario  Cuomo, Jr.  Crook, 

Mario  Cuomo, Sr.  Crook

William  Dailey  Ballot Box Stuffer

Ted  Danson   gives Stupid people a bad name

Dominique de Villepin  Criminal French SOB

Howard  Dean   So full of shit must take 3 cabs

Ellen  Degeneres  gay, comedian?

Alan  Dershowitz  Shit for Brains

David  Dinkins  -n-i-g-g-e-r  Retired by the VOTERS

Sam  Donaldson

Phil  Donohue   gives the very arrogant a bad name

Louis  Farakhan  very Black Muslim

Mike  Farrell   from the 4th planet's moon

Larry  Flint  hustler "Gash the Knife"

Jane  Fonda   Communist  Traitor, Murderer

Barney  Frank   Went down on sea & land

Al  Frankin   asshole & mouth interchangeable

Janeane  Garofalo  Comedian?  What's a Garofalo?

Richard  Gephardt  Traitorous Dolt

David  Gergen  Two Faced Mealy Mouth 

Danny  Glover   Ignorant Hollywood hoe Bigot

Albert  Gore, Jr.  gives very dumb people a bad name

Jamie  Gorelick  French, Traitor

Bryant  Gumbel   Shit for brains

Larry  Hagman---Hollywood bigot

Lee Hamilton, D-IN---Tweedle-dee

Tom Harkin, D-IA---Thief & liar

Ed  Harris---Hollywood bigot

Richard Holbrooke--clinton's Idiot UN ambassador

Dustin  Hoffman---Hollywood bigot 

Saddam  Hussain  Despot,  Nut & Butcher   CAUGHT

Joseph I. Lieberman---LOD   Least objectionable Democrat

Molly  Ivins---too much Time and too much Ink

Jessie  Jackson---rhyming commie--n-i-g-g-e-r

Jessie  Jackson, Jr.---chip off the old Crock

Peter  Jennings---Revisionist Dolt from Canada

Moamar  Kadafe   Terrorist, Despot 

Thomas Kean, R-NJ--Tweedle-dumb,   Idiot  9-11 chairman

Edward "Teddie" Kennedy   Gutless Coward:  Mary Jo

Bob  Kerrey   Fmr Nebraska Senator & KILLER

John  Kerry   Shit for Brains Poser

Teresa Heinz Kerry---More $$ than ¢¢

Craig  Kilborn   Arrogance with no basis

Larry  King   gives really dumb people a bad name

Ted  Koppel     RACE BAITER

Dennis  Kucinich    the mouth that Bores

Jessica  Lange---Hollywood bigot

Patrick "Leaky" Leahy---Loose Lips Sink Ships

Spike  Lee---Hollywood bigot

John  Lehman---Pseudo Republican Turncoat

Jim  Lehrer---Dumb as Larry King

**Jay  Leno   ok in off election years

**David  Letterman---ok in off election years

Carl  Levin   "Specks Levin"  Shit for alleged Brain

Ann  Louis   Pinko Lesbo  sister of old Barney Frank 

Robert  MacNamera  Murdering Son of a Bitch

Bill  Maher   Politically very Incorrect

Nelson  Mandela   killer

Winnie  Mandela  killer

Chris Matthews---Only Hardball is between his Ears

Terry  McAuliffe    Lying SOB

Jim McDermott, D-WA---Baghdad Democrat

Aaron  McGruder  cartoon  character

Kweisi  Mfume   NAACP's  Big -n-i-g-g-e-r

Slobodan  Milosevic  Despot

Michel Moore   Parasitic Demagogue

Bill  Moyers   PBS  Shithead,  Lying SOB

NAACP---N A for the P of C to N

**Ralph Nader   Off list if he "loses" Kerry 

NEA---Children Hating Union Thugs

Ralph  Neas   Head Hater;  dir of  PFTAW

Edward  Norton   Who?

Rosie  O'Donnell  loves all Bushes

PBS'  **Frontline---liars

PBS'  **NPR---liars

Nancy  Pelosi   Loud Mouth Bitch

Sean  Penn---Hollywood bigot

People for the American way **Hate Group!

Ross  Perot   Thanks for Clinton you little Bastard!

Howell Raines---fmr. NYT Editor

Charles  Rangel  -n-i-g-g-e-r,   Mouth says Nothing

Dan  Rather   Traitorous Dolt

Ron Reagan, Jr.---Wood Pile n-i-g-g-e-r

Janet  Reno   Traitorous Butcher & Criminal

Frank Rich---NYT Twerp,  4th Estate's 5th Columnist

Ann  Richards  Texas size Mouth, Rhode Island size Brain

Bill  Richardson  DoE,  want to buy some W88s?

Cokie  Roberts   Traitorous Bitch

Jay  Rockefeller, D-WV Gives Morons Bad Name

Paul  Rodrigues  gay--n-i-g-g-e-r,   comedian?

Charley  Rose   PBS' hoe

Tim Russert---Bigtime Media Asshole

Susan  Sarandon     Hollywood bigot

Bob  Schieffer   CBS'  liberal mouth

Bill  Schneider  CBS/CNN Bitch Hoe

Daniel  Schorr   NPR  Marxist without Portfolio

Gerhard  Schroder  Field Marshal Schroder

Pat  Schroeder   ZERO    Retired by the VOTERS

Charles "Chuckie" Schumer   low caliber, enormous bore

AL Sharpton    likes shinny bobbles   n-i-g-g-e-r

Bernard Shaw   CNN   zero,  bye bye  birdie

Martin  Sheen   Hollywood bigot

Mark  Shields   Washington Post, PBS  CNN   moronic runt

Carol Simpson   Ditzy Liar

George  Soros   Pronounced  Sorry Ass

Barbara  Strisand  zero, zero

Arthur Sulzberger, Jr.  NYT Publisher  Dangerous SOB 

Studs  Terkel   so full of shit has to take 2 cabs

Marlo  Thomas  Victim of hubby phil

Nina  Totenberg  NPR radio's    Lying  Bitch

Ted  Turner   Ted the Red  --n-i-g-g-e-r

Desmond  Tutu  HELL's CEO

Mike Wallace---Yellow HACK, CBS Hoe, Communist

Lawrence  Walsh  Lying SOB

Maxine  Waters     ZERO 

Henry A. Waxman  Idiot, Marxist

Judy  Woodruff   CNN   Liar

Yellow Journalism:- 

New York Times---liars ** 

Los Angeles Times---liars ** 

Washington Post---liars ** 

Boston Globe---liars ** 

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in MemoriumHHRest In HELL
  Idi Amin--RIH  --Butcher

  Ron Brown--RIH  --dead by clintons' hands

  Frank Church --RIH  --bleeding   heart liberal

  J. William Fulbright--RIH  --halfbrite pinko

  Albert Gore, Sr--RIH  --pinko, father of the weenie

  Gus Hall--RIH  --head communist party USA 

  Lyndon B. Johnson--RIH--  butcher, still dead 

  William Moses Kunstler--RIH   still dead

  Thurgood Marshall--RIH  --wouldn't know the truth

  Carl Rowen--RIH   pen with no ink

  Sheikh Ahmed Yassinn--RIH  --Butcher

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  Note: ***ok in off election yearsX
  Note: Use of  see: The "N" WordX
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