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Baby-saving made easy: Any bill that protects against infanticide should be backed. (9/25/00)
It's all about Adam: Does Bush have a legitimate beef against Clymer? (9/18/00)
Hollywood connection: Can Lieberman keep up his criticism of showbiz excess? (9/4/00)
You can't make this up: More cultural craziness that's stranger than fiction. (8/21/00)
The niceness strategy: Why compassionate conservatism could win for Bush. (8/14/00)
When rules don't count: Double standards are no accident; they arise from a theory. (8/7/00)
Banned in Boston: The Globe censures its lone conservative voice. (7/24/00)
Will boys be boys? Society is turning against boys when what they need is help. (7/17/00) 
Double troubles: Let's have the same standard for everyone. (6/26/00) 
Fools' paradise: On Survivor, eating bugs and sniping are prime-time fare. (6/19/00) 
Accidental conspirator: The new liberalism creates a new conservative. (6/12/00) 
Faking the hate: Not all reports of campus incidents are true. (6/5/00) 
Was it law or poetry?: The Supreme Court once again says no to Congress. (5/29/00) 
An outing is no picnic: What is spring without new politically correct adventures? (5/22/00) 
Coercion on campus: Tufts evangelicals are punished for acting on their beliefs. (5/15/00) 
Elián: The Opera: Featuring the hit song, "Don't cry for me, Little Havana." (5/8/00) 
All the news that fits: The media serve up many stories from a standard script. (5/1/00) 
Those darned readers: The gap between reporters and the general public is huge. (4/24/00) 
Jeb Bush's college try: A pro-minority plan draws the ire of the left. (4/17/00) 
Census sensibility: Your friendly government wants to know. (4/10/00) 
California dreamin': Does the reel America match the real one? (4/03/00) 
A penitent pope: The Vatican confesses, but is it enough? (3/27/00) 
Watch what you say: The left can no longer be counted on to defend free speech. (3/20/00) 
McCain's faint praise: Conservatives sense a disdain for the causes they embrace. (3/13/00) 
The company he keeps: Bush's speech at Bob Jones University will haunt him. (3/6/00) 
Show her the money: Pretty greedy woman weds shameless rich guy-on Fox TV, of course. (2/28/00) 
V-day without hearts: Giving new meaning to an annual ritual of romance. (2/21/00) 
Dissing John Rocker: Yes, he's a bigot. But should baseball punish him for his beliefs? (2/14/00) 
Did I say murder?: The Diallo case is being exploited to discredit Giuliani. (2/7/00) 
The top 10 victims of the year: The competition was stiff, but these people made it to the big time. (1/31/00) 
By dubious means: Quick judicial fixes undermine our faith in democracy. (1/24/00) 
The diversity trap: NBC bows to NAACP pressure and adopts new racial guidelines. (1/17/00) 
The 1999 Sheldon: The coveted annual prize that goes to a wimpy college president. (1/3/00)
Parents in Toyland: Any fool can put together a vigilante doll? Think again. (12/27/99)
Gender test at MIT: A faculty committee report on bias seems biased itself. (12/20/99)
Cracking down on kids: Zero tolerance should cover clear and serious offenses only. (12/13/99)
Word games we play: Why can't activists call themselves what they want? (12/6/99)
Instigator in Decatur: Jesse Jackson's school siege in Illinois misses the mark. (11/29/99)
Shocking but not true: The media are too eager to find bias. (11/22/99)
C is for character: Schools and "values clarification". (11/15/99)
Those wild reformers: The Reform Party funny farm. (11/8/99)
Parent-free zone: The never-never land of child liberation. (11/1/99)
Flogging the SATs: Rigging the SATs. (10/25/99)
Polls and poll-emics: The reliability of opinion polls. (10/19/99) 
Hello, dung lovers: The mayor and the dung heap of art. (10/11/99)
Singer's final solution: Peter Singer's infanticide excesses. (10/4/99)
And now . . .smut-see TV: Television's race to the bottom. (9/27/99)
Another monkey trial: Cockroach liberation. (9/20/99)
The new Trivial Pursuit: The new pursuit of trivia in academia. (8/30/99)
More PC follies: John Leo finds more PC mad tales. (8/9/99) 
Playing verbal tricks: A brief PC-to-English dictionary. (8/2/99)
Conventional diversity: The Unity '99 convention. (7/26/99)
The Texas two-step: Bobbing and weaving with George W. (7/19/99)
Fu Manchu on Naboo: The new Star Wars movie is full of sterotypes. (7/12/99)
Born in polluted water: John Leo dislikes the Ten Commandments Act. (7/5/99)
May the feel be with you: Feelings about Star Wars. (6/28/99)
Commencement follies: A winner in commencement follies. (6/21/99)
Oh no, Canada!: Censorship by the left. (6/14/99)
See Jane sue Dick: The verbal land mines in the nation's schools. (6/7/99)
The feds strike back: Clinton's standardized-test shenanigans. (5/31/99)
The devil with Ms. Jones: The Jenny Jones verdict. (5/24/99)
Repackaging the perps: Celebrity obscuring loathsomeness. (5/17/99)
Gunning for Hollywood: Looking beyond the bottom line on guns and gore. (5/10/99)
When life imitates video: Video games and the Littleton massacre. (5/3/99)
Chortle while you work: Laughing at work. (4/26/99)
Empty college syndrome: John Leo zips his lip over college-visit changes. (4/19/99)
Those NYPD blues: The New York City police. (4/5/99)
The mantra of diversity: The language of "representation". (3/29/99)
Dancing with Dr. Death: Why Kevorkianites need to study the Netherlands. (3/22/99)
Tower of pomobabble: The mirth spawned by postmodernism's pomobabble. (3/15/99)
War against warriors: The feds vs. high school sports teams. (3/8/99)
The joy of sexual values: The changing views about abortion, sex. (3/1/99)
Gender wars redux: Who gets shortchanged at school. (2/22/99)
Feeling your pain: Senator Moynihan's view of Clinton. (2/15/99)
A waspish, niggardly slur: The "niggardly" crisis. (2/8/99)
See no evil, surf no evil: Who will censor what your kids can access. (2/1/99)
Nobel Prize for fiction?: The tall tales of Rigoberta Menchú. (1/25/99)
The law that bit Clinton: Sexual harassment. (1/18/99)
You can say that again: Roundup of words worth quoting. (1/11/99)

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