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SARS is Chinese Bioweapon Run Amuck
Guangdong Province, China__  China's Bioweapons laboratory worker is accidentally exposed. 

China floats story that U.S. is responsible for SARS: theory virus byproduct of U.S. bioweapon research. Story

--PETA demands KFC improve living conditions of its chickens
"Chickens need mental stimulation."

PETA: "They are the first major food company to recognize the fact that chickens need mental stimulation."

How about a health and dental plan?

The folks at PETA could likewise use a little mental stimulation; or maybe a hobby.

"Ok boys, who's buried in Grant's Tomb?"
--Left Coast running out of Rocks

After being 100% WRONG on their Anti War stance against the war in Iraq; anti-war celebrities are running short of rocks to crawl back under.

A spokesperson for the antiwar organization,  AGAINST, is requesting donations of suitable rocks for those celebs.

Last Rock-
----""El Commandant" with his Hollywood '-N-i-g-g-e-r-s-'
--80% of Felons are Democrats
Democrat Politician: 
"Criminals Could've Made Gore President"

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Here in wacky, leftist-dominated Palm Beach County (aka Pea Brain County), it takes a Democrat politician to say something everyone knows but no one will talk about: Most Criminals are Democrats.
(and most Democrats are Criminals)

"If they were allowed to vote, as they are in 43 other states, our president would be Al Gore and our governor would be Bill McBride," iconoclastic County Commissioner Burt Aaronson told a Democrat women's club.

Aaronson said that "80 to 85 percent [of felons] would be Democrats if they were allowed to vote again."

-=----Marines find Nuke Complex that 'Blix and the Boys' Missed
Marines find underground nuke complex.

Captain guarding facility: 'How did the world miss all of this?'

Marine nuclear and intelligence experts say that at least 14 buildings at Al-Tuwaitha indicate high levels of radiation and some show lethal amounts of nuclear residue. 

The site was examined numerous times by U.N. weapons inspectors, who found no evidence of weapons of mass destruction. 

"They were one door away from radioactive materials,  --Duh...

Chief UN Inspector, Blinky Blix & friend
--=----Iraqi TV Next?
US missile hits Al-Jazeera office, OOPS
A US missile hit the Baghdad offices of Al-Jazeera television early today, wounding a cameraman and leaving a correspondent missing.  The station aired footage of the cameraman being taken away for treatment in a car belonging to rival network Abu Dhabi television. 
-----Iraqi Ship of State going under for the Last Time
Butcher of Baghdad's little friends are abandoning him like rats leaving a sinking... 

Wait a minute, they are Rats!

-----Dropping Propaganda Leaflets, seems to be Effective
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The U.S. military has dropped leaflets over southern Iraq in a promised psychological campaign to undercut support for Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, U.S. officials told CNN on Thursday. 

The propaganda is being dropped over southern Iraq, warning the rank-and-file Iraqi military not to target coalition warplanes. The wording notes a determined U.S. effort to attack the sources of such ground fire, and says "You could be next." 

----Columbia Prof., Nicholas De Genova proves that anybody can be on their faculty
Anthropology and "Latino studies" assistant professor Nicholas De Genova said last week at a so-called "teach-in" on the Iraq war: "The only true heroes are those who find ways that help defeat the U.S. military.

"I personally would like to see a million Mogadishus," he said, referring to the Somalian Muslims who desecrated the bodies of U.S. troops sent by Bill Clinton on a disastrous mission to assist them.

He also uttered this masterpiece of stupidity to 3,000 students and fellow eggheads: "Peace is not patriotic. Peace is subversive, because peace anticipates a very different world than the one in which we live--a world where the U.S. would have no place.

De Genova
Weenie Prof., now hidding from those would give him his own 'Mogadishu'
---John Kerry D-MA, wearing 11½ DD wingtips, Walked around in his own Big Mouth
At a campaign stop in Peterborough, Kerry said, "What we need now is not just a regime change in Saddam Hussein and Iraq, but we need a regime change in the United States." 
Webster: Re·gime 
Function: noun
Etymology: French régime, from Latin regimin-, regimen
Date: 1776
a : mode of rule or management 
b : a form of government <a socialist regime> 
c : a government in power <predicted that the new regime would fall> 
d : a period of rule 
Many are calling for his Scalp!--
Mouse-Over image to see:----
'' Bush is like Hitler ''
Mouse-Over image to see the Real John Kerry
---1 in 3 French backs Saddam:  Desecration of Allied war cemetery in France
---Where the Hell are the Nazis when you really need them
Slogans reading "Death to Yankees" and "Rosbeefs (Brits) go home," were painted on the central memorial near the port of Boulogne where 11,000 Allied War Dead are interred. 

The slogans also called for Tony Blair and George W Bush to be sent to the international criminal court in The Hague. 

"Saddam Hussein will win and spill your blood."

Another claimed the graves are "contaminating" French soil. 

11,000, WWI & WWII, Allied War Dead 
------------Saddam's new Bullet Proof Vest reveals his true Manhood


-"Go ahead, 
--Make My Day!"

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A group of American anti-war human shield volunteers made it across the border today with 14 hours of uncensored video, all shot without Iraqi government minders present. Kenneth Joseph, a young American pastor with the Assyrian Church of the East, told UPI the trip "had shocked me back to reality."

Some of the Iraqis he interviewed on camera "told me they would commit suicide if American bombing didn't start. They were willing to see their homes demolished to gain their freedom from Saddam's bloody tyranny. They convinced me that Saddam was a monster the likes of which the world had not seen since Stalin and Hitler."

"He and his sons are sick sadists. Their tales of slow torture and killing made me ill, such as people put in a huge shredder for plastic products, feet first so they could hear their screams as bodies got chewed up from foot to head."

http://www.campus-watch.org/  New Web Site that lists professors who denigrate the U.S.
-----It might be easier to list those who Don't!

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