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Mouse-Over image: Gun Safety Iraqi Style ...----
---Cheney Mocks 'Hand-Wringing' Naysayers
"We're in a Quagmire; Bogged Down."
"The Americans are Kicking Our Asses!"
---Peter Arnett & Friend wait near Bagdad for the Incoming news
Ground Zero:

Dick and his close friend, "Petandfeelya" the sheep, keep vigil: awaiting US Aggression.

"Now that I'm Chief Foreign Correspondent for the Passaic Shopper Weekly, I can give CNN a run for their money."


'' Its just You and Me Petandfeelya ''
---US Forces tracking down the Russian made GPS Jammers being used by Iraq
Maj.-Gen. Victor Renuart told a news briefing: "We have noticed some attempts by the Iraqis to use a GPS jamming system that they have procured from another nation.

"Actually we've been able to identify the location of each of those jammers and I'm happy to report that we have destroyed all six of those jammers in the last two nights' air strikes."

"I am also pleased to say they had no effect on us. In fact we destroyed one of the jammers with a GPS weapon."

White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said Monday Washington was very concerned at reports that Russian firms were providing GPS jamming equipment to the Iraqis.

Russia has denied supplying this equipment.

The Sorry Russian SONS Of BITCHES are also Supplying Iraq with antitank penetrators for their Russian T-72 & T-62 tanks which can Kill our M1-A1/2 Abrams tanks!
-----Bin Laden taunts the West: 'I'm ready to die' 
Did you idiots really believe that by blowing yourselves up you would be rewarded? 

What the HELL do you think 'al Qaeda' means? 

It means "Dumb Shits!" 

You guys really are al Qaeda!

---Winning Entry to New UN Building Design Contest
New UN Building to be located in France.

Building will become the newest addition to the Maginot Line. 

----Hans Blix's Father, Neville, identified in mystery photo
Blix family has history of Appeasement.
''  OH, Please Don't hurt Me ! ''      ''  Why can't we all just get along? ''
Blix Family Coat of Arms
''  I LOVE YOU ADOLF  ''     ''  Ya, Ya, Vee Love all you BLIXES.  ''
---Mexico & Canada: sending Elite Troops to help in the Iraq War  ah?
It isn't clear for which side.
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--Jesse Jackson to help Interrogate  Detainees 
---Is She For or Against a War with Iraq?----
Who the Hell Cares?----
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---UN still Unable to grab its collective Ass with Both Hands---
Left Wing's new form of Capitalism: Earn Personal and Political Capital by mindless Attacks on Bush Administration Policies; the Nation, and the World, be Damned.-
''  Infantile Adversaries: Daschle, Pelosi, Carter, Clinton, Levin, h.Clinton, Bonior, Gephardt, Waxman, Schumer, Frank, Rangel, Jackson, Jr., lieberman, Kenedy, Leahy, Dodd, McDermott, ... ''
George W. Bush, a Giant among Twerps
A Study in Contrasts: 
President George W. Bush, the leader of the free world, leading the Battle against the scourge of world wide Terrorism. 

Contrast that with his obstructionist critics--foreign and domestic, all of whom endlessly regurgitate the usual "talking points." 

It is remindful of an Adult surrounded by Toddlers, who while tripping him up, are  demanding his undivided attention.

---Dixie Chicks purchased by Tyson Foods,
Tyson Foods Inc. (TFI), announces the purchase of the Dixie Chicks from Space Cadet Ltd., of Nashville, TN.

A spokeswoman at Tyson Foods was quoted as saying that TFI was buying the Dixie Chicks for what most Americans believe they're worth; and turning a profit by selling them for $0.36 per pound.

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