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-John Kerry Muff Diving
-Experiencing Conception, "Personhood," and the Beginning of Life-
Hot Damn, this is FUN!
Ever the Explorer, John Kerry dons his Woody Allen 
"Sleeper" suit, looking for The Meaning of Life.-
-Kerry's Cabinet-
See the Whole Disgusting Bunch-
--------The Double "Nonstandard"
The Liberals Claim the US should not have gone to war with Iraq until we had absolute proof of the existence of WMDs, beyond what the CIA, Britain's MI-6, the Iraqi Underground, the Russians, and others were claiming. --Duh 

.I guess if the French and  Germans had concurred, it would have been OK; never mind they were against it because they didn't want to be exposed as the Blood Sucking Parasites they are, profiteering while aiding our enemy-- against UN and US sanctions.

Contrast this need for exactitude with the same liberals putting out as Fact: that Vice President Cheney and Haliburton were in collusion; that the Bush Administration concocted the "war plan" on his ranch in Texas, that Bush knew about 9-11 before it happened--saying nothing about it, that he knew there were no WMDs before going to war, that through Colin Powell, he lied to the UN; that President Bush is a Traitor, a Draft Dodger, that he's dull-witted, that he is an evil person, Blah., Blah., Blah.

In all of the above there was offered NO "Proof" of any of their allegations--None. But that didn't stop the left from going to war with the Bush Administration and the American People.

The press who demanded Proof in the case of WMD, ignored the fact that--like themselves, the left made NO effort to offer any proof whatsoever. How could they when there was None!

To understand how and why the left comes up with such Bullshit: it is what they themselves would do as a matter of course--such dishonesty comes natural to the left; not knowing any better, they naturally assume everybody else thinks and acts that way. 

Unfortunately, the Right is too Honest, too Naive, and innately incapable of such deviousness. The Right--like all Good People, is vulnerable to those who would Do Them Harm.

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We all remember Dukakis' “Massachusetts Miracle”-
-Boston Inaugurates new Zoo 2004 Annex
Fleet Center Fenced In-

National Democratic Convention's Wildlife Contribution-
-Convention vows No Bush Bashing
Anybody Remember the Wellstone Debacle?-
Can you Say,  '' H Y P O C R I T E S ? ''
Wellstone Memorial turns into Sorry Partisan Spectacle!--
-Sudanese offered Clinton Bin Laden's Extradition or 'Assassination'-

-Berger's purloined documents attest to validity
-9-11 Commission uses New Math:
Clinton, Bush, Administrations Equally Culpable
Bush's 8 months verses Clinton's 8 Years
Somebody was Asleep at the Switch
-Somebody was Asleep at the Switch-
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--After Confab, Kean resends request for Gorlick Resignation--
Thomas Kean with Jamie Gorelick: ''You don't really want me to go do you Tommy.''
-"Oh Mister Chairman, Climb my Wall"  -
--Classified Document Alterations Anyone?

-Sandy the Hamburgler
Tit for Tat-
--For Nation States wanting Nuclear Bombs: try Harboring Terrorists-
In the event a Nuclear Weapon is detonated by Terrorists, anywhere in the world, the above with their Nuclear payloads, should rain down on Selected Countries that have a history of Terrorist Ties. 
That threat should give incentive to those states to Clean up their Act.
------ -
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--Kerry's big Balancing Act--
Shit, this thing is heavier than I thought
-He Wants the Whole World in his Hands-
--Philippines Tucks Tail, and Leaves the Coalition in the Lurch

-The French aren't the only ones with a Short Memory
---Power to the People

'Queazy' and the Cracker
Free Elections 101
We hear people talking about which candidate they will vote for; often they couch it in terms of doing a particular candidate a favor; "...well if he’s not going to speak before the NAACP I’m not going to give him my vote."

Gee, does it occur to these people that their vote ought to go to the candidate who will benefit ‘Them’ and the country, the most?  It’s called "Enlightened Self Interest."  Their vote wasn’t intended as a favor to be bestowed on the one who does the best job of kissing them on the Ass.  It should be who will do this Country the Greater Good.

ProjectUSA link
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The Family Killer

John F. Kerry, D-MA
Taking a "Live Fire" Exercise during his short 3 + month tour.
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Vets: Kerry lied for Silver Star
Kerry's Vets: he's a liar
Kerry's wounds self-inflicted?
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Kerry honored by communist
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JFK the Giver of Life
Rodent gets "Mouth to Mouth," and so does the Hamster 
Teresa's Message to we Common Folk.

Teresa Heinz Kerry
Six months after 9-11, Teresa Heinz Kerry urged Americans to try to "understand the roots of international terror," while contending that the 9-11 attacks were an "isolated catastrophe."
Searching for Evil

"I Smell a Rat"
Michael Moore receives Honorary Grade School Diploma
Three Foreign Leaders 
said to be Under Sedation
Saddam Tapes Names Foreign Leaders in Bribe Schemes.

Kofi Annan et al., said to suffer same Malady.

 Former Editor of the New York Times Blasts Media for Saddam Cover-up

A.M. Rosenthal
A.M. Rosenthal accuses the media establishment of ignoring Saddam Hussein's murders of millions of people. "That is an insult to all those murdered masses of Iraqis, Kuwaitis, Jews, and Iranians."
Lajolo: Abu Ghriab Abuse Worse than 9-11

Giovanni Lajolo
Vatican foreign minister 
Lajolo likes Alter Boys
Media Control of the Political Process

Flow Chart
Public Opinion shaped by the Media's Giant Propaganda Machine.
Political Spectrum
Forms of Governments