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Gay Marriage Advocates' Scrapbook-
Was it Good for You?
This Young Couple Would Like to Be Alone- -
---Four Way Tie for Last Place in the Human Race---
Julian Bond Whoopi Goldberg Kweisi Mfume
-Some Politicians would Devour the Earth if it would help their Agenda

-Kerry munching our Future
-The Terrorists' 2nd Most Powerful Weapon

-WMD, Weapons of Mass Deception
-The Terrorists' Most Powerful Weapon

--The Terrorists' Nexus of Evil; preaching Hatred and Death
-Vote Early, Vote Often

-Florida Poll Workers upgrade Voting Machines 
-No more dealing with Bad People

-Clinton Administration Streamlines CIA
-More Moore is Less

--al Moorehamed Brigade Leader
-Portable Escalator

-INS makes Illegal Border Crossing Easier for 'Wetbacks'
-Who the Heck is that Clown?

-Look at Me, with Stilts, I'm as Big as the President
-Number One Bush Hater

-It's getting to be a guy can't buy whatever he wants now-days, like the Presidency
"This Guy Doesn't Pose a Threat to US or the World"
Peace in Our Time
Peace in Our Time
-The F-Word put to Good Use
Adjective or Verb?-

---"Leaky" Leahy:
'You Cheat, Steal & Lie'


'Go Fuck Yourself, Patty'
---Bush: 'EU should admit Turkey'

---Chirac: 'US should Mind its
------------own Business'

---Bush: 'Fuck You, Froggie'

 Hair Today Gone Tomorrow
"We've got better hair"-
---John Kerry D-MA,
'' Bush is a Mean, Mean, Man ''
-Mouse-Over image to 
see the Real John Kerry-
---John Edwards D-NC, '' I want to Champion the Common Man--with or without Hair; as I have done all my Life ''
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more---see the Real John Edwards---more
---With or Without the Hair, Would You Buy a Used Car from either of these Guys?
-Female Soldiers Targeted for Kidnapping
Women in Combat-

Male Soldiers must spend their time Protecting Female Soldiers
------Ain't Social Engineering Great?------more
Democrats to make Saddam an Honorary Democrat
-Defense Team Hoping for Bail?-

Butcher of Baghdad: "I like this Kerry guy"
New International Restroom Symbols-
Worst 9-11 Nightmare:-

Imagine any of these Bozos as President
Besides al Qaeda, who would rather one of the above had been President?
-Abu Ghraib under Earlier Management,
Saddam, Uday & Kusay, fed Live Prisoners to Dogs-
Why does the world see photos of U.S. interrogators using dogs to scare prisoners at Abu Ghraib, but not the footage of Saddam's prisoners being Eaten Alive, by Doberman pinschers?
Torture Menu under Saddam & Sons:-
    * Amputating sex organs or breasts with an electric carving knife
    * Using bees and scorpions on naked children in front of their parents
    * Medical experimentation
    * Committing rape while the victim's spouse is forced to watch
    * Beatings till Death
    * Pouring boiling water into the victim's rectum
    * Crucifixion
    * Hammering nails into the fingers and hands
    * Spraying insecticides into a victim's eyes
    * Branding with a hot iron
    * Nailing the tongue to a wooden board
    * Extracting teeth with pliers
  View the video   The video is extremely graphic and disturbing, and definitely unsuitable for children and liberals.
Saddam also routinely tortured and murdered women. They Beheaded Women who were suspected of prostitution.

The Iraqi Women's League in Damascus, Syria, described this practice as follows: "Under the pretext of fighting prostitution, units of 'Feda'iyee Saddam,' the paramilitary organization led by Uday, have beheaded in public more than 200 women all over the country, dumping their severed heads at their families' doorsteps. Many of the victims were innocent professional women, including some who were suspected of being dissidents."

 New York Times finally gets one Right?
Clinton 957 Page Book "STINKS," Released from Custody-

NYT: 'Sloppy, self-indulgent and often eye-crossingly dull... the sound of one man prattling away, not for the reader, but for himself and some distant recording angel of history'... 
New York Times, al Qaeda's Next Target?-
If there's going to be one, We can only Wish-

For those who need it, click to enlarge
-Muslim Terrorists Slaughter 41 More Muslims in Iraq-
Yet to hear Muslim Repudiation of Terrorists-

The World is Still Listening, anybody?
Taliban Executioner was mistreated Abu Ghraib Prisoner -
Convicted Afghan Woman's Execution
Not allowed to speak in her own Defense, 
nor anyone to speak for her.

We are Not Allowed to Embarrasses Murders
IRC: He requires extra towels and his color TV must be at least 36" *

  *IRC: color TV screen size to be no less than 25 times detainee's cock size.    (International Red Cross)

Teresa Heinz Kerry in contest with Mud Fence
Poll: Fence Winning-

Teresa Heinz Kerry: "I'm Pretty, I'm Sexy, I'm Rich"
-U.S. Department of Justice announces new constituency for 
the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-
WASHINGTON (Reuters)_ As of July 1, 2004, members of the Democratic Party will be eligible for ADA benefits.  Liberalism is officially recognized as a Class II Disability.  ---more info
ProjectUSA link
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Upset by Abu Ghriab Photos?
Compare with Beheading Video of Nick Berg or the
Paul Johnson photos
The Family Killer

John F. Kerry, D-MA
Taking a "Live Fire" Exercise during his short 3 + month tour.
McCain: Don't Probe Kerry's Atrocities
Vets: Kerry lied for Silver Star
Kerry's Vets: he's a liar
Kerry's wounds self-inflicted?
Kerry flip-flop on war footage
Kerry re-enacted war scenes
Anti-Kerry vets to sue
Kerry honored by communist
'He lied while men died'
Vets: Stop using photos
Officers: leave Vietnam John
Searching for Evil

"I Smell a Rat"
Michael Moore receives Honorary Grade School Diploma
The 4 branches of Government
Wag the Country
Jimmy Breslin's personalized chin wipes for his Potty Mouth
Shit Eating Son of a Bitch
Still looking for just one redeeming quality in this clown?  Giv e it Up, there ain't none!
Gen. Giap: Kerry's Group Helped Hanoi Defeat U.S.
McCain: Don't Probe Kerry's Atrocities
Heinz Kerry: we drive SUVs because they are Safer
Kerry SUV Sporting Special Training Wheels
Heinz Kerry: "our SUVs, Yacht, and Gulfstream V Jet don't use any Fossile Fuels, they are Solar Powered."
Goring Off the Deep End
This Clown is exerting more Energy here than he ever expended during his entire 8 Years as Clinton's Blowinghard Veep.
Kerry’s Plan: Ban U.S. Weapons to Stop WMD Threat 
A few of the Weapon Systems Kerry Voted Against:
Three Foreign Leaders 
said to be Under Sedation
Saddam Tapes Names Foreign Leaders in Bribe Schemes.

Kofi Annan et al., said to suffer same Malady.

 Former Editor of the New York Times Blasts Media for Saddam Cover-up

A.M. Rosenthal
A.M. Rosenthal accuses the media establishment of ignoring Saddam Hussein's murders of millions of people. "That is an insult to all those murdered masses of Iraqis, Kuwaitis, Jews, and Iranians."
Lajolo: Abuse Worse than 9-11

Giovanni Lajolo
Vatican foreign minister 
Lajolo likes Alter Boys
Media Control of the Political Process

Flow Chart
Public Opinion shaped by the Media's Giant Propaganda Machine.
Political Spectrum
Forms of Governments