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--The LEFT Hates Bush so Badly:
N Y Times’ 28 straight days of Front Page coverage of Abu Ghraib!--
--Media Obsession  verses  Media Indifference
Bush Administration
Clinton Administration
'' OUTRAGEOUS?  Give me a break  ''
IRAQ Hazing
''  Anybody remember Seperation of Church & State ? ''
WACO Massacre
~ 2 dozen Criminals, Terrorists and Anti- Coalition prisoners had their "Feelings Hurt." 85 Worshippers Murdered, 28 of which were Children.
Oh Yea, lest we forget Ruby Ridge, where a family was Decimated. Of course, they were all 'Red Necks,' so who cares... 
The Insanity of all this is the main stream Media-- with a straight face-- portrays the Abu Ghraib "hazing" as more Egregious than the Waco Murders.  Witness the New York Times’ 49 straight days of front page coverage of Abu Ghraib!  How many front pages did Waco get?

Sadder still, there are actually people who will believe this Crap, not to mention the Bush Haters out there who will try to use this to discredit the Administration's War on Terrorism. 
I thought these "people" were moving to Australia.

Jesse to the Rescue--

New Commandant of Abu Ghraib Prison
Red Cross Visits Detainees at Abu Ghraib Prison--
A Red Cross teams tour facility inspecting living conditions and interviewing detainees about their treatment.

The team will then report to the prison's leadership, making recommendations if necessary. A request may be as simple as putting another towel in the bathroom or increasing the size of their color TV.

Your Red Cross Donations at Work!
--American Blood on American Hands
Are the Bush Haters Killing our Troops?-
Are the Bush Haters Killing the Iraqi People?-
Thanks to the Liberal Politicians and their fellow traveling Media Hacks, our Enemies are receiving an abundance of Aid & Comfort
Only a few of the UNpatriots
--Going to War with the French as Allies,--
--would be like going Deer Hunting with an Accordion.--
--Women in Combat?--
"Oh Hell, What's another 120 pounds of Dead Weight"
'' Oh Hell, What's an Extra 120 lbs. ''
Female Soldiers carry their own Weight?
What's Wrong with this Picture?
The Abu Ghraib Prison "abuse"  Story:
Words: the description of the Abu Ghraib Prison "abuse," had little impact with the press or anyone else. Pictures: The photos of the same event has caused a Firestorm beyond belief.

US Contractor, Nick Berg, Murder Story:
   Nick Berg is decapitated in a Gruesome and Barbaric Murder--taking more than 30 seconds --hacking away at his neck until his head finally leaves his body. His Screams are said to be terrifying to hear.
   The Media has the complete video, with sound, of this barbaric episode.
However, they are censoring the video, choosing not to air the actual Beheading.

Rooting for the Home Team
-Due Process for Terroist?
'' OUCH!!  Gott Damn It, you stuck ME ''
--Baghdad Zoo Keeper to be tried for Disrespecting Islamic Elephants--
Captured Elephants shown in Humilliating Photos
One Pachyderm wants to go to an American Zoo; says the Hyenas and Aardvarks are teasing him and spreading ugly rumors.
-The Mystery of Kerry's Wound Solved
Wound Inflicted by Admiral
'' OUCH!!  Gott Damn It, you stuck ME ''
Kerry receiving-wound during pinning ceremony
DEMagogues feign outrage at alleged Anti-Iraqi Prisoner "Abuse"--
Main Entry: haze
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): hazed; haz·ing

1 a : to harass by exacting unnecessary or disagreeable work 
  b : to harass by banter, ridicule, or criticism
2 : to haze by way of initiation <haze the fraternity pledges>
3 West : to drive (as cattle or horses) from horseback
- haz·er noun

''  WENNIES !  ''
"Abuse" at Fraternity Hazing--
--To be closer to "its" Money, the UN is Moving to France
Kofi's new reading Room
''  DAMN, there's NO paper in here !  Wait a minute, here's the UN Charter, that'll Do.  ''
'' Where's that microscope?   I can't find the figment... er  I mean the fragment.  ''
"Him's sucha barave wudda Boy"
-Muslims outraged over alleged Anti-Iraqi prisoner Abuse--
--Muslims Never outraged at Saddam's Murder of over One Million Iraqis-
'' Yea, this is really OUTRAGEOUS !  ''
''  Ho Hum...    --- YAWN, YAWN  ''
Muslims outraged over alleged Anti-Iraqi prisoner abuse   Muslims Never Outraged at This
Can We Say Gutless Hypocrites?
--Try and Guess what would be happening if a Democrat were President--like say, Clinton?
--Did you guess NOTHING?  The press would have ignored it.--
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Upset by Abu Ghriab Photos?
Compare with Beheading Video of Nick Berg or the
Paul Johnson photos
The Family Killer

John F. Kerry, D-MA
Taking a "Live Fire" Exercise during his short 3 + month tour.
McCain: Don't Probe Kerry's Atrocities
Michael Moore receives Honorary Grade School Diploma
The 4 branches of Government
Wag the Country
Jimmy Breslin's personalized chin wipes for his Potty Mouth
Shit Eating Son of a Bitch
Still looking for just one redeeming quality in this clown?  Giv e it Up, there ain't none!
Gen. Giap: Kerry's Group Helped Hanoi Defeat U.S.
McCain: Don't Probe Kerry's Atrocities
Heinz Kerry: we drive SUVs because they are Safer
Kerry SUV Sporting Special Training Wheels
Heinz Kerry: "our SUVs, Yacht, and Gulfstream V Jet don't use any Fossile Fuels, they are Solar Powered."
Goring Off the Deep End
This Clown is exerting more Energy here than he ever expended during his entire 8 Years as Clinton's Blowinghard Veep.
Kerry’s Plan: Ban U.S. Weapons to Stop WMD Threat 
A few of the Weapon Systems Kerry Voted Against:
Three Foreign Leaders 
said to be Under Sedation
Saddam Tapes Names Foreign Leaders in Bribe Schemes.

Kofi Annan et al., said to suffer same Malady.

 Former Editor of the New York Times Blasts Media for Saddam Cover-up

A.M. Rosenthal
A.M. Rosenthal accuses the media establishment of ignoring Saddam Hussein's murders of millions of people. "That is an insult to all those murdered masses of Iraqis, Kuwaitis, Jews, and Iranians."
 Iraqi Prisoner Interrogations Outsourced to Israel
Congressional Democrats are Outraged at this change in policy by the Bush Administration.

Edward M. Kennedy, D-MA, accused the Administration of "Abuse."

Lajolo: Abuse Worse than 9-11

Giovanni Lajolo
Vatican foreign minister 
Lajolo likes Alter Boys
Media Control of the Political Process

Flow Chart
Public Opinion shaped by the Media's Giant Propaganda Machine.
Political Spectrum
Forms of Governments
Kerry's Running Mate?

Sen. John McCain, ?-AZ
Don't Probe Kerry's Atrocities
He & Clinton Neutered CIA

Fmr Sen. Robert Torricelli, D-N.J
"The Buck Stops Here"

Harry Truman, D-MO
Since when did he ever accept  "The Buck"?
Of What earthly Use 
is this Sorry Excuse?

Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-MA
Miserable Demagogue 
and Aquanaut

Lyndon B. Johnson, D-TX
Prosecuted 10 year War in Vietnam, killing > 60,000 Americans; not to mention millions of Vietnamese.

And the Dems accuse Bush of mishandling the Iraq War.