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Walter Reading the Names of those Killed due to his Tet Lie
''  Where shall I start?  The ''As'' this week, the ''Bs'' Next week....  ''
The Son of a Bitch Should Live So Long
---Saddam's WMD have been Found?--
Well... anything is possible
"I Don't See No Stinking WMDs"
 "Just Shootin tha SHIT"
---Sharon Drops Pledge Not to Harm Arafat--
''  SUICIDE ?   NO, NO, you have me confused with some other Despot.  ''
Look, I can touch my fingers
Ever notice how, in a court room, everybody swears to Tell the Truth; everybody--that is--but the Lawyers...
Aid and Comfort?
or "The American People's Need to Know..."
'' I love it: POLITICAL GREED, US Style !  ''
Gift from Syria to Jordan: 
17.5 tons of explosives, chemical weapons and poison gas
'' Wow, it's a Short Trip from the BEQAA VALLEY. ''
"I Don't See No Stinking WMDs"
"Mr. Clinton, Tear Down This Wall"
The Jamie Gorelick Memorial Wall
We have Met the Enemy, and the Enemy is Us
The Fifth Plane
"Why Can't we all just Get Along?"
Then there is Political Correctness in the UK
'' Teaching Democracy, that is, the PC part...  ''
Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak Nothing But Evil
   Bin Laden taunts the West: 'I'm ready to die'
Did you idiots really believe that by blowing yourselves up you'll be rewarded? 

What the HELL do you think 'al Qaeda' means? 

It means "Dumb Shits!" 

You guys really are al Qaeda!

--The Christian Anti-Defamation League-
Nader Blasts 'Hot Air America'
Results of Al Franken & Janeane Garofalo Breeding
--Kerry:  Shiite imam Muqtada al-Sadr is a "Legitimate Voice"
Kerry's Search for Running Mate is Over
Moqtada al-Sadr to Advise Kerry on 
Peaceful Transition and Withdrawal
-At the New York Times, the Real News go to the Shitcans-
Seperating the Wheat from the Chaff
"Printing only What's Fit to Print"
What Left Wing Bias?
"I Don't See No Stinking Left Wing Bias!"
ProjectUSA link
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