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One Man, One Vote------------------
One Billionaire, One Million Vote$-
------------George $oros-  (pronounced, Sorry-Ass)
Poster Child for Selective Immigration
(and Abortion Rights)
The Dems and their fellow travelers, the Press, are nipping at President Bush like little "yippy dogs."
''  Infantile Adversaries: Daschle, Pelosi, Carter, Clinton, Levin, h.Clinton, Bonior, Gephardt, Waxman, Schumer, Frank, Rangel, Jackson, Jr., lieberman, Kenedy, Leahy, Dodd, McDermott, ... ''
George W. Bush, a Giant among Twerps
A Study in Contrasts:
President George W. Bush, the leader of the free world, leading the Battle against the scourge of world wide Terrorism. 

Contrast that with his obstructionist critics--foreign and domestic, all of whom endlessly regurgitate the usual "talking points." 

It is remindful of an Adult surrounded by Toddlers, who while tripping him up, are  demanding his undivided attention.

 DNZ: Democratic National Zoo-
National Zoological Park Annex: Recent Inductees
 Clark seeks Kim Jong Il's Advice on Unilateralism & Defeating Bush-

Blather and Blatherer
- ----Dean: Bush Administration Caused Iranian Earthquake-
------- ----- Bush Administration Responsible for Sunspots
-------- ---- Bush Administration Responsible for SARS
--------- --- Bush Administration Responsible for Mad Cow Disease
------- ----- Bush Administration Responsible for Global Warming
------- ----- Bush Administration Responsible for Northeast Cold Snap
------- ----- Bush Administration Responsible for Northeast Heat Wave
------- ----- Bush Administration Responsible for Terrorism
------- ----- Bush Administration Responsible for Cancer
------- ----- Bush Administration Responsible for Valdez Oil Spill
------- ----- Bush Administration Responsible for Pearl Harbor

National Immigration Week's "Open Borders" Project
Question(s) of the Week:-
Q: How long would it take Red China to infiltrate the US and secrete Suitcase Nuclear Bombs in all our major cities?
A: Not as long as we might think; in fact, it could have happened already.

Q: What would we do when informed and threaten with Annihilation?
A: Bend down and Kiss our Sweet Asses Good bye.

Christmas comes Early!-
Algore endorses Howard Dean-

Two Pea Brains in a Pod-
Hillary celebrates Thanksgiving in Afghanistan-
One Scary Bitch !
Taliban Holdouts having been frightened by Hillary, Surrender.-
Even two frightened GIs are said to have also surrendered. -
Dr. Laura Targeted by US Islamic Group-
Teddy Kennedy Calls Bush Minority Nominees "Neanderthals"-
Kennedy's Court-
'' The Nine Wise Asses ''
"You be du Judge"
   Note: None can Swim-
-After-Birth Abortion: Lawmakers Considering 363rd Trimester -
Groups call for procedure use only on Conservative Republicans.-
Experts worried about keeping the post-fetus in womb while scooping out brains.
Army Colonel Facing Court-martial after saving Lives
Lt. Col. Allen B. West, is facing criminal charges for intimidating an Iraqi prisoner into divulging vital information about an impending attack on U.S. personnel.
JAG: Jerks (Pussies) After Grunts
We Screw Over more good men before 9:00...
"Ok Colonel West, now you and your men replace that bird's nest.
I don't want to hear of you or any of your soldiers threatening the local Wildlife."
The Clinton Legacy--

A Pimple on the ASS of the Nation-
US State Department protests Televangelist's Nuclear Threat--
-"Foggy Bottom Here We Come!"-
Don't it make you proud when our State Department stands up against those Nuclear Wielding Televangelist?

Thank God Pat Robinson was stopped from using his Vast (half vast) Nuclear Arsenal! "Whew, that was close."

-Military practices procedures for downing hijacked airliners-
'' Damn, Tough Decision ! ''      '' Hey, can I shoot them all ?''
-"Eenie Meenie Minie Moe"-
 Like Henry Ford once said, 
"If you laid all the [politicians] in the world, End to End, they still couldn’t reach a Conclusion."
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