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"A Muslim doesn't record another Muslim"
Muslim FBI agent, Gamal Abdel-Hafiz, refuses to tape Muslim suspects.
Has anyone noticed that when it comes to REAL Issues in this Country, and the World: our so-called "Free Press" is Blind, Deaf, and Dumb; and is anything but Free? 
The Clinton-Reno Justice Department refused to allow two veteran FBI agents assigned to the anti-terrorist probe to investigate a key figure tied to Osama bin Laden.

According to ABC News' Brian Ross today, two agents told him they were ordered to stop investigations into a suspected terror cell linked to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network and the Sept. 11 attacks. 

In an investigation of a powerful Saudi Arabian businessman, Yassin al-Kadi, who is one of 12 Saudi businessmen suspected of funneling millions of dollars to al-Qaeda and who had extensive business and financial ties in Chicago.

Assigned to the case was FBI agent Gamal Abdel-Hafiz, who is Muslim; he refused to secretly record one of Yassin al-Kadi's suspected associates, who was also Muslim. Gamal Abdel-Hafiz said: "a Muslim doesn't record another Muslim."

"He wouldn't have any problems interviewing or recording somebody who wasn't a Muslim, but he could never record another Muslim."

Far from being reprimanded, Gamal Abdel-Hafiz was promoted to one of the FBI's most important anti-terrorism posts, the American Embassy in Saudi Arabia, to handle investigations for the FBI in that Muslim country. 

What's Wrong with this Picture?--
Trent Lott wishes 100 year old fellow Senator Strom Thurman, 
"Happy Birthday."
Press goes Apeshit. 

Calls go out for Lott's Head!

Agents reveal how the Clinton-Reno DoJ Actions Enabled 9-11 Attacks, killing ~ 3000 people. 
Press Ignores Damning Revelation.

When it comes to the Clinton Era, they Hear no Evil, See no Evil and Speak no Evil.

 And on Sept. 11, 2001, agents Wright and Vincent watched in horror at a deadly terrorist attack that could have been foreseen and prevented had the FBI and the Clinton-Reno Justice Department listened to them back in the 1990s.
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---Trent Lott seeks out, former KKK member, Senator Robert Byrd for Absolution
Democrat Robert C. Byrd, Senator from West Virginia; former member, Ku Klux Klan.

Fox News Sunday: "There are white Niggers. I've seen a lot of white Niggers in my time." "I'm gonna use that word. But we all just need to work together to make our country a better country." 

In a 1940s letter renouncing his membership: "[I will never serve in the military] with a Negro by my side." "I should die a thousand times and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than see this beloved land of ours become degraded by Race Mongrels, a throwback to the Blackest Specimen of the Wilds." 

He spent 14 hours filibustering against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. He voted against the only two blacks ever nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court, Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas.

It's Trent Lott's turn in the Barrel
‘’ Trent, You my boy, are a sniveling bigoted Republican who push old ladies down, steal candy from children, kill the halt and the blind. ''   '' I on the other hand, am a Righteous and Humble  D E M O C R A T.  Ha ! ''
"Well young Lott, it is as Caesurae said to the Roman Senate on the occasion of the third Babylonian minister's visit in the Spring of 351 B.C., ... Urr, or was that Colonel Sanders?" "Well, anyway, change parties and everyone will leave you the Hell alone."  "It worked for Me!"

"I wanted to be a Republican once; but with my sorted History the Press would have had a Field Day."  "So, Alas, I became a democrat."

-----Wellstone Memorial turns into Sorry Partisan Spectacle!
Many who said they were both Democrats and Republicans, flooded talk radio stations with complaints about the partisan tone of the event. In addition to booing Ventura, the crowd also booed Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott, a Mississippi Republican.  Can you Say,  '' H Y P O C R I T E S ? ''
----I want to introduce the Hero of the Hour, ME! ---------- Also, I have another message for the PRESS.
----Did you hear about the Hunter who Killed a Moose, an Elk, and Wounded a Mason?
' Pow ''    '' Moouuk ''    '' THUD '' '' Pow ''    '' Oouuk ''    '' THUD '' '' Damn ! ''     '' You Sorry %#@*^# ''      '' You Shot Me ! ''
----Moose: We're looking for WHITE GUYS driving a White Van
Montgomery County, MD___ Former Mayberry deputy, Barney Fife, has come out of retirement and donned his uniform, ”...to help out our neighbors to the north,” as he puts it.

Mr. Fife recently retired from the North Carolina SBI, where he served as Special Investigator for 14 years.

Before joining the bureau, he worked for Mayberry Sheriff Andy Tailor as Chief Deputy for Training and Traffic.

'' We're looking for WHITE Guys only; No Brothers or Sisters, only Crackers! ''
No Racial Profiling Here!
----Carter is Given Nobel Peace Prize
‘' I am a True Man of Peace ‘’ ‘' I am a Righteous Man ‘’ ‘' I am truly a GOOD MAN !! ''    '' Gimme MY Damn Medal!! you Stupid looking Chipmunk ‘’ I'd Like to give Him a Medal!
Carter Receives Coin
Fellow Dems said "Happy for Him"
---Dems proclaim Byrd Holier than Armey
Robert C. Byrd, Senator from West Virginia; 
former member, Ku Klux Klan: 
Fox News Sunday: 
"There are white Niggers. I've seen a lot of white Niggers in my time." "I'm gonna use that word. But we all just need to work together to make our country a better country." 
In a 1940s letter renouncing his Klan membership:
"[I will never serve in the military] with a Negro by my side." "I should die a thousand times and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than see this beloved land of ours become degraded by Race Mongrels, a throwback to the Blackest Specimen of the Wilds." 
His Senate record:
he spent 14 hours filibustering against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. He voted against the only two blacks ever nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court, Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas.
---US Legal System learns from Bishops Virtual "Zero Tolerance" Policy
U.S. Catholic bishops were adamant Saturday that they have established the "zero-tolerance" policy on clergy sexual abuse that Catholics had demanded. 

In releasing the newly formed policy Friday afternoon, the bishops stopped short of calling for the immediate defrocking of priests guilty of child abuse as victims had demanded. 

"We did the second strictest thing," said Bishop Donald Trautman of Erie, Pa., "and what we did effectively took these priests out of ministry."

Officer, you are hereby sentenced to, giving back half the money you took; go and sin no more my son. 

Oh yea speaking of sinning, son, tell your mother I'll be home a little late tonight.

---Pilots find way around Hand Gun Restrictions
Pilots of U.S. commercial airlines who will not be allowed to carry hand guns into the cockpit of their aircraft to deter or defend against hijackers, have come up with a solution some say is actually preferable.
---CIA to help FBI upgrade Anti-terrorism Skills
The CIA is dispatching personnel to help the FBI Headquarters' senior management to learn to grab its Ass with both hands, and to upgrade its ability to analyze intelligence and criminal data for use in preventing terrorist acts.

More than 25 agency analysts and at least one senior manager from the CIA's Directorate of Intelligence will assist the FBI director, Robert Mueller, in reshaping the bureau into an agency more focused on counterterrorism, and less on retirement perks. Yea I believe that.

"Now One Giant Step-Forward"
---Dan Rather: Ashcroft is Out to Get Me
"CBS Evening News" anchorman Dan Rather
accused Attorney General John Ashcroft Friday
morning of personally ordering Justice
Department aides to "sully up my reputation,"
a charge he leveled while trying to clarify
his allegation two days ago that Ashcroft flew
private jets last summer because of terrorist
threats that he failed to warn the public about. 

"Maybe it would be better for [Ashcroft] to
spend a little less time trying to sully up my
reputation and leave that to me.

When Attorney General John Ashcroft was asked about Dan Rather's remarks, he said, "Dan Who?"

"Damn Trash Fish, Back you Go!"
----Dan Rather is Dinning on Feet Again!
Rather claims: Bush Issued Bogus Terror Alert to Cover Up 9-11 Bungle
Dan Rather accused the Bush administration of issuing an unwarranted FBI terrorist alert to New York City primarily to distract from questions about its handling of pre-Sept. 11 intelligence information.

Rather said he "believed" his network's report that the White House received a CIA briefing before 9-11 on possible al-Qaeda hijackings prompted the administration to issue the alert for political damage control.

"I believe the president and the people around him were surprised and peeved that the information got out last week with [CBS's] report that President Bush had been briefed about some things that, in retrospect after Sept. 11, would indicate that, well, maybe somebody should have done something."

Hey Dan, not everyone reacts the way you Would.

I just can't decide; Boot or Wing Tip
  ---- ----Feds Nix Pistol-Packing Pilots
 Pilots of U.S. commercial airlines will not be allowed to carry firearms on board their aircraft to deter or defend against hijackers, a senior Transportation Department official said Tuesday.

Under Secretary of Transportation for Security John "Can't-Draw" Magaw, testifying before a Senate committee, said, "Utilizing the experience of my 40 years as a night watchman at Sears, and consulting with all the 'best people,' both of them, I will not authorize firearms in the cockpit."

---Waiting in the weeds for President Bush: the 4th Estate--------They're Hereee...
They use ink and innuendo: The media snipers are hiding in the weeds, biding their time; an enemy with its sights trained on Mr. Bush. 

With Bush's approval rating hovering above 80 percent they are leaving him alone; but after he has succeeded in his/our War on Evil, they will slither out from under their rocks and do their best to "rip him a new one."

This is the same bunch that ambushed Bush's father in the early '90s, paving the way for the reason we are in the mess in the first place: The Clintons!

"The Prick with the Pen is Mightier than the Sword"
---Daschle Refuses to Apologize: 'I'm Amused' 

Daschle Speaking from his Senate Seat
"I think the Republicans' reaction is nothing short of hysterical," the South Dakota Democrat said in the sing-song little-boy voice he uses when talking to reporters. 

"I'm amused, frankly. I'd asked them to take a look at what I said, because I stand by what I said."

"Don't they know by now that we will go after them over anything, and everything?"

---FBI 'Super Squad' on Terror to be known as "Freeh Dumb of Information Act."
A new FBI "super squad," in Washington, will lead all major terrorism investigations worldwide under a plan to remake the agency in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks.

The new effort will include the hiring of hundreds of FNGs as agents and analysts as well as the creation of an Office of Intelligence, headed by a former Used Car & Storm Door Salesman.

It was revealed that agents no longer must remove their shoes to enumerate the agency's accomplishments.

---Carter Returns Favor to Clinton: starting to make him look better...
You're not going back home? 
You've got to go back, I'll buy you a ticket!
   Able to Play with Others
"I Did Not Come Here to Interfere in Cuba's Internal Affairs, I came here to Slander U.S. Internal Affairs"
"The catcher is signaling, not giving you the finger."
Pipe Bombs Found in Texas, Colorado
OMAHA, Neb. –– A pipe bomb was found in the Texas Panhandle and it appears to be from the same source as 17 others found in the Midwest and Colorado, the FBI said Tuesday.

The latest bomb was accompanied by a letter, the FBI said. Most of the earlier bombs were accompanied by anti-government notes that warned "More 'attention getters' are on the way."

"It's another pipe bomb. It looks similar to the others," said FBI agent Larry Holmquist in Omaha. "Upon our initial inspection, it appears it would be from the same source."

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The Catholic Church will decree Castration to insure priests remain Celibate
The Catholic Church has reconsidered the impact of enforced Celibacy on its priests. 

In a unprecedented change of doctrine, the Holy See will decree that to make celibacy less stressful, and to reduce the temptation toward pedophilia, all new priests will undergo surgical castration. 

As proof of castration, priests will wear the Medal of St. Castration around their neck, and will wear on their Cossack, their dried and preserved Scrotum.

As atonement, those priests who have been implicated in acts against children will also undergo castration, but without benefit of anesthesia.

St. Castration Medal
Full Body  Scan Devices To Be Used In Orlando Airport... 
Rapidscan Security Products scanner will be revealing hidden weapons at the Orlando International Airport in Orlando, Florida. The device, the Secure 1000, is a low-energy full body X-ray scanner.
Just a Reminder for those who never believed in Pure Evil
Two Kindergartners charged with Felony Assault
PC Justice in America
Two 5 year olds, wielding drawings of guns, were suspended from school and charged with felony assault.

Police officers--detectives--showed up at the childrens's homes past midnight to investigate the charges.

I'll never get into Harvard now!
World Experiencing Rope Shortage 
World's supply of rope in Arafar's hands.
Rope manufacturers are working three shifts, 7 days a week in an attempt to make up for the rope shortage. 

Spokesman for the Rope Industry Trade Orginization (RITO) claims the shortage was brought about because of the rope given to PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat over the last 20 years.

According to the UN, no Despot has ever be given this much rope. 


"Give a man enough rope, and he'll smoke it."
ACLU: Profiling serves no tangible Purpose
ACLU and FAA agree that there's an equal chance that any person, including pilots and crewmembers, who boards a plane is a potential hijacker.
    Pope not allowed on U.S. Airlines.
FAA spokesperson says, "Pontiff's rosary beads could be used as weapon."
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New Element--denser than Diamond--discovered within the FBI
Russia Warned U.S. About FBI Agent Robert Hanssen in 1993

A federal study on security inside the FBI discloses that Russia formally complained to the U.S. government after Hanssen tried to give U.S. secrets in 1993 to a high-ranking military intelligence officer.

The FBI also has said Hanssen's brother-in-law, an FBI agent, warned his supervisors in Chicago as early as 1990 that Hanssen might have been spying for the Russians because he noticed suspiciously large amounts of cash in Hanssen's home.

See: more---

Comparison with other Elements
Airport Security: FAA hiring a Few Good Men
It seems as though the Federal Aviation Administration's and DOT's operative assumption is that there's an equal chance that any person, including pilots and crewmembers, who boards a plane is a potential hijacker. That's why FAA and DOT security regulations require that everyone, including pilots and crew, be searched. 

They appearently believe that a 88-year-old grandmother, carrying her knitting needles, would hijack a plane!  We can't put anything past Washington's bureaucrats: they must think that a hijacker with no hijacking tools might search the plane, find granny's knitting needles and stab his way through the steel reinforced cockpit doors. 

What's a body cavity George?
Could the PLO be running out of Ammo?
Arafat discussed martyrdom with Al-Jazeera TV.

Arafat said. "Allah, give me martyrdom in … [Jerusalem], the place from which the Prophet Muhammad ascended to the heavens… I may be martyred, but certainly one of our boys or one of our girls will wave the flag of Palestine over the walls of Jerusalem, over the minarets of Jerusalem, and over the churches of Jerusalem. ... This is the path I have chosen. … Allah, give me martyrdom. ..." 

Please, somebody give him Martyrdom!

Israeli Forces Enter Arafat's HQ
RAMALLAH, West Bank ––  Israeli forces entered Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's headquarters on Friday and exchanged fire with his security guards, Palestinian officials said.  The raid came as Israel's Cabinet formally declared Arafat an enemy and said it would isolate him, in response to a string of attacks on Israeli civilians by Palestinian militants.

A Palestinian spokeswoman did say that they had made a request to the Israeli commander for a change of fresh underware for Chairman Arafat.

Oy vey!
A CNN report claims the U.S. military is 'unprepared' to launch a new offensive in the war on terrorism -- possibly against Iraq -- because American troops need a rest! 

CNN beamed a report WORLDWIDE that stated: "The U.S. military needs more time to retool its ships, aircraft and weapons, restock munitions and to rest its troops." 

The network's Jamie McIntyre and slugged 'U.S. Military Not Ready']: "Could they help our enemies any more if they tried! Gee, CNN tells the world: 'Now's the time to attack America! That's what they've just done! We're resting??" 

McIntyre reported: "While the U.S. has plenty of the latest satellite-guided bombs, it is short of other high-tech assets, such as unmanned spy planes, which commanders now see as indispensable in providing real-time reports from the battlefield.

Grain of Salt to take with CNN Reports
Sarah Brady Gets Her Gun
America's No. 1 anti-gun spokesperson, Sarah Brady, reveals in her newly released memoir that she purchased a high-power rifle in December 2000 as a gift for her son.

Mrs. Brady bought the Remington .30-06 rifle, complete with scope and safety lock, at a Lewes, Del., gun shop, reported the New York Daily News.

"I can't describe how I felt when I picked up that rifle, loaded it into my little car and drove home," she writes in "The Good Fight." "It seemed so incredibly strange: Sarah Brady, of all people, packing heat." 


Second Amendment Sarah
Gore Attacks Bush On Taxes, Environment, and his Anti-terror Campaign
Former Vice President Al Gore, appearing at the first of what he promised would be many fund-raisers for Democratic congressional candidates, took a swipe at the White House.

"Bush seems to have adopted a policy of speak loudly and carry a small stick," Gore said at a private Manhattan fundraiser in mocking the anti-terror campaign. Like Daschle, he did not say what he would do differently.


Fee Fie Foe Fum,
I smell the blood..., is that you Al?
Arabs Question Israel's Readiness to make Peace
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - Arab leaders will decide on whether to adopt a Saudi peace offer to Israel when they meet later this month, and they questioned Israel's readiness to make peace amid the sharpest escalation in Mideast violence yet.

Arab foreign ministers in closed-door talks discussed the Saudi proposals to offer Israel peace and recognition in return for withdrawal from Arab lands it captured in the 1967 Mideast war.

We only want to Get Along
FBI Can Do Nothing About Terrorists in Our Midst
Steven Emerson, in his book "American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us,” says that in the mid-1970s the Senate committee headed by the late Sen. Frank Church, D-Idaho, went to the other extreme. The end result was Congress piously tied the hands of our intelligence agencies. "I soon learned that the FBI could do little or nothing to monitor such groups,” Emerson writes. The '70s restrictions "had long since prevented the FBI from performing ‘blanket surveillance.’
Boy, 7, faces Felonious Assault charges for pointing Toy Gun
An 7-year-old Whitmore Lake boy is facing criminal charges for pointing a toy gun at three other youngsters and threatening to shoot them. 

Even though the incident involved a toy gun, the Washtenaw County Prosecutor's Office said, Tommy Davis' intent was to threaten and scare the other children. The boy, who was 7 at the time of the incident, has a hearing on three felonious assault charges next week in Washtenaw County Juvenile Court.

Daschle: Bush's 'Axis of Evil' Phrase Wrong
Daschle said, "I'm afraid if we call these nations evil, they might just stop their spying and plotting against us."

"Besides, what do we do if they start calling us names?"

The Bobsy Twins
Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil
Olympics: Members of foreign Media frown on Patriotic Ceremony
SALT LAKE CITY -- While Americans gave the Winter Olympic opening ceremony red, white and blue raves, some members of the foreign press were critical of the festivities' patriotic overtones.

U.S. athletes and police officers carried the flag into the stadium while the Mormon Tabernacle choir sang the national anthem at the beginning of the ceremony, which also featured a New York City police officer singing "God Bless America" and the gold medal-winning 1980 U.S. hockey team lighting the Olympic cauldron.

In an article written before the ceremony, the Russian newspaper Kommersant reported: "It is annoying that they are bringing the Ground Zero flag. ... It doesn't have anything to do with the Olympics."

McCain's "Straight Talk America" hits the Road?
There goes Senator John McCain: 
veering to the Left while going after Grass Roots America.
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Olympic Officials Ban WTC American Flag--- Olympic Committee Bans New Afghan Flag
I O C   Idiots Out of Control
Taliban Johnny 'Loves America'
U.S. Magistrate Judge W. Curtis Sewell asked the 20-year-old former American whether he understood the penalties, which could include life in prison.

"John loves America. We love America," Walker's father said after the hearing. He said his son was innocent of the charges.

"John Walker chose to join terrorists who wanted to kill Americans," Attorney General John Ashcroft notes.

Senator Hillary Clinton said, "Johnny went bad because of the Bush Tax Cut."

I Love America!
Red Cross Visits Afghan Detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
A four-member team will tour the entire premises and will interview detainees about their treatment, and inspect their living conditions.

The team will then report to the prison's leadership, making recommendations if necessary. A request may be as simple as putting another towel in the bathroom or increasing the size of their color TV.

Your Red Cross Donations at Work!

Taliban Transvestites in Burqa-Clad Breakout
A carload of cross-dressing men, believed to be members of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network, were arrested after a high-speed chase that began when a pedestrian was run down along a remote road near a northern town.

Pakistani police gave chase to the burqa-clad bin Laden gang as it sped toward a tribal area refuge. When cops caught up with the blue crew, they ordered the women to disrobe, whereupon the ruse was discovered.

Turn your head and Cough please Madam
Bill Clinton unwitting victim of Dyslectic Taxidermist
Buddy, the "First Dog,"  was mowed down by an SUV a week ago when he escaped through the front door of the Clintons' Chappaqua, N.Y., mansion and began chasing cars.

His chisled likeness is so lifelike that a photo released Wednesday gave rise to speculation that the Clintons sent the real Buddy to a taxidermist.

"They REALLY had that poor doggie stuffed?" wondered one member of the website FreeRepublic.com after a photo of the Buddy statue was posted.

But Clinton Library Foundation Director Skip Rutherford said that Buddy's adult likeness had been sculpted in 1997 when he was a puppy, based on an artist's conception of what the full-grown dog would look like. 

Clinton's former Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater said, "I warned the Clintons about those Damn SUVs." 

Bush's Booted Bodyguard Lashes Out at American Airlines while Holding his Breath
January 4, 2002 -- A lawyer for a Secret Service agent accused an American Airlines pilot of kicking the agent off a flight because he is an Arab-American. 

But the pilot of American's Flight 363 said he refused to fly the agent because he became loud and abusive after his identity was questioned. 

The agent, who is a member President Bush's security detail, was booted from the flight at Baltimore airport on Christmas Day as he was trying to travel to the president's ranch in Crawford, Texas. 

"The only reason why he was not allowed on that plane is because he is an American of Arab descent," said his lawyer, "Pure and simple, this is a case of discrimination." 

The agent, identified in published reports as Walied Shater, is demanding an apology from the airlines and civil-rights training for its flight crews. 

SS Agent Walied Shater
Explosives in Sneaky Passenger's Sneakers on American Airlines flight 63
BOSTON ––  A man who allegedly tried to set off explosives hidden in his shoes on a trans-Atlantic flight was ordered held in federal custody Monday.

The suspect, listed in court papers as Richard C. Reid, appeared in front of U.S. Magistrate. He showed little emotion, and when she asked if he understood the charge – intimidation or assault of a flight crew – he answered quietly, "Yeah." Reid, 28, requested a court-appointed attorney and was ordered held pending a bail hearing Friday. If convicted, he could be sentenced to 20 years in prison. The FBI said more charges are likely. The explosives devices detected in preliminary tests on Reid's sneakers were functional and could have caused serious damage if detonated, said the Special Agent in Charge of the Boston FBI office. 

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Clinton: To Stop Terrorism, the West Must Share its Wealth
Last month Bill Clinton told a Georgetown University audience that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were the fault of U.S. slavery and mistreatment of the American Indian.

Now he's changed his tune, downplaying the slavery angle in favor of a new justification for Osama bin Laden's 9/11 kamikaze hit squad: The West won't share its wealth with an impoverished third world.


Bernard Goldberg creates New Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD)labs">Amazon
Dan Rather and CBS News is "Ground Zero" of Bernard Goldberg's new Weapon of Mass Distruction, his latest book, BIAS.

Hint of this new weapon was first seen in a column in the Wall Street Journal where he made the case that news reporting should be objective, fair and balanced. 

This bit of truth made him the unforgivable enemy of nearly everyone at CBS News. 

Sounds Like We Got Their Attention: With Cut Flowers
After U.S. forces dropped a 15,000 lb. "daisy cutter" bomb on suspected al-Qaeda positions, a flurry of "panicked radio and satellite-phone calls" ensued. American intelligence monitored those calls and discovered that Osama bin Laden was near the blast and is now on the run (presumably stopping first to clean out his underwear).

One report said the remaining fighters have split into two groups and that surveillance is following the movements of both. These vicious warriors who vowed to "fight to the death" radioed to the alliance leaders, "Please don't fight us, we want to surrender." 

"Profiling Not Useful," says  DoJ
WASHINGTON – The State Department will begin profiling male applicants from Muslim countries before issuing U.S. temporary visas.

The new policy is a compromise aimed at resolving a dispute between the Departments of Justice and State.

In the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attack on New York and the Pentagon, the Justice Department wanted to stop granting visas altogether to all males ages 16 to 45 from Muslim countries, according to State Department sources.

Who won the 1946 World Series?
Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) offers Alternative to Military Tribunals
Congressional Debate on Military Tribunals 

With more than 300 members of al-Qaeda already corralled by the U.S. and its allies, and a beleaguered Attorney General John Ashcroft due on Capitol Hill next week, the debate on the extraordinary wartime tribunals that provide no trial by jury and can result in the death penalty has ramped up with lawsuits looming.

It was explained to Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) that the Military Tribunals is a DoD decision, not a DoJ decision.  --Duh

Osama bin Laden "Look-alike Contest"
Time Magazine's Osama bin Laden "Look-alike Contest."
Bin Laden could be Time's Man of the Year 
"Osama bin Laden is the overwhelmingly obvious choice for the cover of Time Magazine," said Daniel Pipes, director of the Philadelphia- based Middle East Forum. "But it is unfortunate that this designation, for many, sounds like an award given out at a Rotary dinner, implying a celebration of someone. Perhaps Time magazine should consider changing the name to 'Newsmaker' of the Year."
Chicago Schools Create Prayer Room for Muslims
Chicago's schools have set aside a prayer room to accommodate Muslims.

Kareem Irfan, chairman of Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, said: "I know some Christian families would prefer their children to take some time out and do Bible study during lunch time. Some Hindu groups have groups that study religion or read prayers. This accommodation will make it easier for students to turn to their own forms of prayer without affecting their fellow students.''

Town in Montgomery County Now  Tells Jolly 'Ole Saint Nick' To Stay Home 
A Maryland town in the very same county that tried banning cigarette smoking in homes, has now told Santa Claus to stay away from a public Christmas tree lighting! 

The Montgomery County town of Kensington has banned the jolly old man from its annual tree lighting ceremony this Sunday. "Because two families in our town felt that they would be uncomfortable with Santa Claus being a part of our event," Mayor Lynn Raufaste said. 

The Kensington Town Council banned Santa after the complaints.

In years past, Santa would arrive on a fire truck and light the tree with the mayor. But on Sunday, the mayor will do the honors by herself.

Montgomery County Plans $750 Fine if Tobacco Odors Bother Neighbors
Montgomery County Maryland
The Montgomery County Council approved one of the most restrictive anti-smoking measures in the nation, setting stiff fines for people who smoke in their own homes if it offends their neighbors.
 If the smoke wafts into a neighbor's home -- whether through a door, a vent or an open window -- that neighbor could complain to the county's Department of Environmental Protection.

Smokers that fail to properly ventilate buildings, would face fines of up to $750 per violation if they failed to take steps to mitigate the problem.

One observer remarked, "today secondhand smoke, tomorrow flatulence."

The Nose Knows
United Way's Sept. 11 Funds Aid Leftist Groups; Critics Charge 'Abuse'
United Way has awarded more than $1 million to left-wing political groups. 

The September 11th Fund has received donor pledges totaling $334 million, with $250 million already collected and $47 million distributed. The fund is a project of United Way and New York Community Trust. 

Groups receiving charitable contributions from the fund have little or nothing to do with helping victims of the attacks; monies are used for, amoung other things, 'ethnic media,' office equipment and massage therapy.

Giving till it Hurts
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