--The "Arab Street,"
Big F...ing Deal-
------The Arab Street said to be real Brain Trust: to have Seat on UN Security Council
---- Al-Jazerra to sponser "Lung Fest 2003."   Who can make the most Noise
The, so called, Arab Street is a joke.
It is made up of mostly unemployed illiterate arab bedouins "ACTING" on behalf of those willing to pay!

The IQ and Education of these "Arab Street people" is not representative of the people of the country, who are at their work place earning a living and conducting themselves as civilized citizens, and Not on the Street!

Arab Street's Road Scholars
Whenever the US and the Coalition does anything, the Weenies of the World gush about the Effect it will have on the, so called, "Arab Street." 

Has it ever occurred to these Morons that the Arab Street, is Powerless? 

The Truth is--of course--all of the Arab Street's actions are Correographed by those in power. 

Since there are No Democracies in the Middle East, governments there Never consider "Popular Sentiments."     --Duh!