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 PETA's Answer to Animal Slaughter: 
Eat Humans Instead
-----------PETA's Answer to Animal slaughter: Eat People not Animals
PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has announced their worldwide campaign to substitute animal protein with human protein.
Cover of PETA Brochure containing favorite receipts, etc.
Choice Cuts

Breast a la pasta in vinaigrette sauce
Broiled Brains, basted in Chardonnay
Teetotaler's Liver basted in white wine
A PETA favorite
a partial birth aborted Fetus, "Joe"
Fetus under Glass
Entrée: "Jean," a stillborn Fetus
----------Road Kill  recipes
Road Kill Recipes: 
   Initial Preparation
How to recover and make palatable fresh Human Road Kill.

1)_ Most important, move remains from the scene to avoid explanations to civil authority.

2)_ If there is a choice, select victims that are still alive; this reduces the spoilage and reduces the amount of cleaning.

3)_ Keep the selection alive while transport and cleaning; failing this, refrigeration will be required.

4)_ Before opening and selecting cuts, the victim should be either anesthetized or euthanized.



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