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 France: Fun Guys

----Just when the you think France has reached Bottom, they Surprise Everyone
AIDS Tainted French Blood for Money

Latest French Scandal: Poisoning the Third World With AIDS

No one thought it was possible, but it seems the French are even more degenerate than previously believed: A Paris judge has opened an inquiry into allegations a French company, Adventis- Pasteur exported HIV-tainted blood to impoverished nations.

---------French have BIG small Image Problems
'' le vrai centre de l'univers '' The True Center of the UNIVERSE ! ''
Note: Americans
will want to use a Magnifying Glass. 
Or, failing that:
The Hubble
France as seen by France
France as seen by the World
Look quickly, it's getting smaller...

-Q: How many Frenchmen does it take to hold Paris?-

-A: Nobody knows; its Never been done.-

Q: What is the worlds shortest book? 

A: "French War Heroes."  It has only one chapter, which 
       is about a French Kamikaze pilot with over 60 missions.

Q: Who Originated the "Art" of Diplomacy?

A: The French, who else...

French jokes

-----French soldiers demonstrate French War Maneuvers

Ever notice how the French are always ready for the Previous War?-

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