A.K.A., The Mane Event-
Have you noticed how many well known political figures have a "Kennedyesque" hairdo?  One that obviously requires--and gets--an expensive "trim."[1]   Ever wonder how they might fair without the "topknot"?       Check it out: Mouse-Over the images.

[1] We all remember Clinton in Air Force One, parked on the tarmac, having his hair "done," while all airport traffic was on hold. 

  ---John F. Kennedy, D-MA, 
'' Ask Not What your country....  ''
-Mouse-Over image to see the Real JFK-
"You're no Jack Kennedy."
  ---William Jefferson Clinton, D-AR,  [1]
''' I DID NOT have sex with that woman...Miss Lewinsky, ''
-Mouse-Over image to see the Real Bill Clinton-
  ---John F. Kerry, D-MA 
'' Bush is like Hitler ''
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---John Edwards, D-NC 
'' I want to Champion the Common Man--with or without Hair; as I have done all my Life ''
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