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Mind Benders, the Ultimate 'Duh'
To prevent Hurt Feelings, All DoE Security Badges made the Same Color
Hazel O'Leary, the Secretary of Energy under the Clinton Administration, required that all Security Badges be the Same Color, regardless of security clearence level; "Such badges are discriminatory," said O'Leary.

At the same time, she ended the practice reporting to DOE headquarters visits by foreign nationals from "sensitive countries" to unclassified areas of the nation's nuclear weapons laboratories.

Notra Trulock, chief of intelligence at DOE, warned for years about penetration of some of this country's most sensitive facilities; warnings that were suppressed. Mr. Trulock was demoted. Subsiquently, the Cox committee confirmed Chinese espionage at Los Alamos. 

Get your W-88s Here
Then came ``Travelgate'' - revelations last fall that Mrs. O'Leary had spent $4.6 million on 16, at times lavish, business trips abroad since taking office. And news that the secretary had spent $43,500 to track media coverage of her agency… Highly unpopular in Nevada for her effort to halt nuclear testing and for her agency's work on a nuclear waste dump inside Yucca Mountain, Mrs. O'Leary has become a symbol in that state of Washington arrogance. The waste dilemma also has state officials in South Carolina fired up after a decision to import foreign spent nuclear reactor fuel and store it at SRS. The state last month took the Energy Department to court a third time to try to halt such shipments. A little-known utility executive when appointed by President Clinton in 1993, Mrs. O'Leary stunned some observers when she invited several prominent environmentalists to join her staff…."
The Clinton/Reno/Gorelick Memorial Wall

Clinton/Reno/Gorelick Wall Forbad FBI Criminal and Anti-terrorism sections to Share Intel; as well as, preventing the exchange of intel between FBI and CIA.  Sounds like Treason to Me. 
A Big Chunk of the "Wall"
Jamie Gorelick being on the 911 commission
is the Fox in the Hen House
 She should be Testifying, not Fact Finding/Judging--
Lest We Forget-
Another Big Chunk of the "Wall"

Sen. Torricelli Played a Key Role in Closing Down CIA Ops

In the mid-1990s, then Sen. Robert "The Torch" Torricelli, D-N.J. and Director of CIA, John M. Deutch, were Responsible for Clinton Policies which forbade the CIA from recruiting criminals, known terrorists, or anyone with a shady past, as spies.  Who else is there?   --Duh

Canada: maximum-security guards Cannot wear Stab-proof  Vests-
Prison Administration: "it sends a confrontational 'message' to prisoners." "It interferes with what we call 'dynamic security.' We want staff to dialogue with our prisoners, to find out their Needs."
Guard Fired for remarks about Osama bin Laden
Colin Rose, a 53-year old former Coldstream Guardsman with a 21-year unblemished record in the Prison Service of the UK, was fired because three Muslim visitors could have heard his "insensitive" comment about the world's most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden.
  9/11 Panel Outs CIA Spymaster  Went completely Ignored by our "Free Press."-
  Lets hear it for that lovely Bush Hating couple, Joseph & Valerie Wilson!

The 9-11 Commission revealed the identity of the CIA's top Spymaster, a position considered so sensitive that in the entire history of the agency the anonymity of the person who holds it has never before been breached.

Called to testify on Wednesday, James L. Pavitt, head of the CIA clandestine operations unit. The New York Times noted that the decision to out Pavitt by having him testify in public was so extraordinary that even some panel members expressed reluctance.

Funny, I don't remember Voting for either of these Killers!-
'' One of these Guys brought US the Ford Edsal ''
One brought US the Great Society; the other the EDSEL,
and Both that GottDamn WAR!
Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson & Robert S. McNamara's Vietnam "Rules of Engagement" 
1)_ US Aircrews could not fire on Migs unless or until they were fired on first.  They were required to first identify the enemy before engaging them; which meant getting too close to use air to air missiles, which left guns, something F-4s weren't allowed to have early in the war.

2)_ Airmen could Not destroy SAM sites Under Construction, they had to wait until they was operational and then only if they were Showing Hostile Intent.

3)_ Aircrews could not blow up rice pattie levies; rice patties were off limits. So--of course--the Communist put their AAAs in rice patties--where the Hell else!

4)_ Certain Bridges and Dams were Off Limits; anyplace Russian or Chinese "advisors" might be located, was Off Limits.

5)_ Our forces were not allowed "Hot Pursuit" of the enemy into Laos or Cambodia; or even into North Vietnam. Examples of Orders:     See also LINK "Hostile forces or installations, other than those actively engaged in accordance  with these rules, which are encountered outside the confines of Thailand, will  not be attacked except as necessary for self defense and only to that extent." 

6)_ "Definitive Rules of Engagement Applying to Laos" applies with the following exception: Suppressive or retaliatory fire against AAA is not authorized. 

Muslims: Productive peoples?
When do they find the time?
Muslim Firfighters take a Prayer Break
With Prayers Five Times a Day, there's just enough time for a little Mischief... 
-Muslims are supposed to pray 5 times a day: at dawn (4 AM), midday, mid-afternoon, sunset, and nightfall. 
 Five times a day Everyone (nonmuslims included) is subjected to Blaring Loudspeakers calling muslims to Prayer in Arabic and/or Farcie. 

 Of course, they are Exempt from prayers when they are out laying Bombs.

Picture this in your neighborhood:
Call to Prayer over loudspeakers, five times a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
Hamtramck City, a suburb of Detroit: 
The Hamtramck City Council voted unanimously last month to amend the noise ordinance to allow Muslim Mosques to broadcast the call to prayer over loudspeakers five times a day between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. Picture that next door!

Those who oppose this Inanity, are called, you guessed it: Bigots.

If these Idiots just wanted to "Call to Prayer," why not use a Pager.  Can we say proselytize?

"Hate Your Neighbor"
If they are Christian or Jew, Kill them!
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