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---Liberalism: the Disease
"Weenis Liberalis Syndrome" (WLS)
Newly Discovered Genetic Defect
The "W" gene, variously referred to as the "wuss" or "wussie" gene, "Girlie Girl" gene, and the "Pussy" gene, has been identified as the cause of Liberalism. 

The defect, "Weenis Liberalis Syndrome" (WLS), is said to afflict over 29% of the population, with 8% of those being active carriers. 

As per Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Ed., Text Revision. 
Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Press; 2003.
DSM-IV_2a. WLS is characterized by the following symptoms:

  1. )_ Post adolescent Bed wetting.
  2. )_ Fear of George W. Bush.
  3. )_ Frightened by Adults.
  4. )_ Excessively narcissistic.
  5. )_ Compulsion to name call; especially when losing an argument.
  6. )_ Unable to relate to History at any level.
  7. )_ Unable to acknowledge own mistakes.
  8. )_ Cannot take criticism.
  9. )_ Inability to differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad.
  10. )_ Criminality versus legitimacy is a foreign concept. 
  11. )_ Lying in response to any contention.
  12. )_ Fear of the dark.
  13. )_ Guilt, real or imagined, is sexually arousing.
  14. )_ Hates America.
  15. )_ Fears the Military.
  16. )_ Frightened by US Flag.
  17. )_ Unable to remember words to the Pledge of Allegiance.
  18. )_ Considers belief in Christian God a weakness.
  19. )_ Compulsion to come to the defense of "evil doers."
  20. )_ Intolerant of others' beliefs.
  21. )_ Unable to Learn: habitually repeats Bad Behavior.
  22. )_ Inability to Accept Responsibility; need to Blame Others.
  23. )_ Fear of Free Elections; overpowering need to alter "adverse" results.
  24. )_ Inability to Laugh at, or recognize, humor; laughter is used derisively.
  25. )_ Abortion does not equate to the taking of a life (murder), and is OK.
  26. )_ The killing of a Puppy--in utero--is "cruel."
U.S. Department of Justice announces new constituency for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-
WASHINGTON (Reuters)_ As of July 1, 2004, members of the Democratic Party will be eligible for ADA benefits.  Liberalism is officially recognized as a Class II Disability. 
     Some Notable Victims and Carriers of WLS:-
 Adam Clymer *
 Al Frankin
 AL Sharpton
 Alan Dershowitz
 Albert Gore Jr *
 Alec Baldwin
 Ani DiFranco
 Ann Louis *
 Ann Richards
 Barbara Strisand
 Barney Frank *
 Ben Cohen
 Bernard Shaw *
 Bianca Jagger *
 Bill Clinton *
 Bill Maher
 Bill Richardson
 Bill Schneider
 Bob Schieffer *
 Bruce Babbitt
 Bryant Gumbel
 Charles Rangel *
 Charles Schumer *
 Charley Rose
 Chris Christofferson
 Chrissie Hynde
 Cokie Roberts *
 Dan Rather *
 Danny Glover
 Dave Matthews
 David Bonior *
 David Clennon
 David Dinkins
 Deepak Chopra *
 Donald Sutherland
 Dustin Hoffman
 Ed Asner *
 Ed Gernon
 Ed Harris
 Editorial Writers: LAT
 Editorial Writers: NYT
 Editorial Writers: WP
 Edward Norton
 Gabriel Bryne
 George Carlin
 George Clooney 
 George Voinovich
 Geraldo Rivera
 Glenn Close
 Gore Vidal *
 Harry Belafonte
 Harvey Weinstein
 Heath Ledger
 Henry Waxman *
 Hilary Clinton *
 Jackson Browne
 James Carville
 Jane Fonda *
 Janeane Garofalo
 Janet Reno
 Jennifer Anniston
 Jerry Brown *
 Jessica Lange
 Jessie Jackson *
 Jim Lehrer
 Jimmy Breslin *
 John Mellencamp
 Joseph Lieberman
 Judy Woodruff *
 Julia Roberts
 Kattie Courick
 Kweisi Mfume *
 Larry Hagman
 Lawrence Walsh
 Louis Farakhan *
 Madeleine Albright *
 Marcia Ball
 Mario Cuomo Jr
 Mario Cuomo Sr *
 Marion Berry
 Mark Shields *
 Marlo Thomas
 Martin Scorsese
 Martin Sheen *
 Maxine Waters
 Meryl Streep 
 Michael Moore *
 Mike Farrell
 Natalie Maines
 Nina Totenberg *
 Oliver Stone *
 Olympia Snowe
 Pat Schroeder *
 Paul Rodrigues
 Paula Cole
 Peter Gabriel
 Peter Jennings *
 Phil Donohue *
 Ramsey Clark *
 Richard Gephardt
 Richard Gere
 Robert Altman *
 Robin Williams 
 Rosario Dawson
 Rosie O'Donnell
 Sandra Bernhard
 Sean Combs
 Sean Penn
 Sheryl Crow
 Spike Lee *
 Stockard Channing
 Studs Turkel *
 Susan Sarandon
 Ted Danson
 Ted Kenndy *
 Ted Turner *
 Tim Robbins
 Tom Daschle *
 Viggo Mortensen
 Walter Cronkite *
 Warren Christopher
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