--Ralph Neas, Pres of People for the American Way, is a Piece of Work!--
Would You Buy a Used Car from this Guy?
 Ralph G. Neas
National Review:

New York Times, CBS, NBC, Disney, AOL, & Time: Fund Leftist Group, People for the American Way.

The radical group that calls itself People for the American Way has received funding from the New York Times Co., Time Inc., CBS, NBC, Disney (parent company of ABC) and America Online.

"It appears that the media corporations, some of which operate their own charitable foundations, did not make direct contributions to People for the American Way, but instead purchased tables for $500 to $600 per seat at the group's annual fundraising dinners in New York City," says the magazine.

The laughably misnamed People for the American Way has, among other things, "spearheaded some of the most intensely partisan attacks on President Bush's judicial nominees." 

Meanwhile, the thought police at People for the American Way continue to act in a most UN-American way. The group helped torpedo the nomination of Charles Pickering to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, though even Democrats in his home state of Mississippi testified that he was an honorable, decent man and a fair judge. Ralph Neas, fascist-in-chief at People for the American Way, has referred to appeals-court nominee Miguel Estrada as a "Latino Clarence Thomas" and vows another nasty smear campaign.
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