-----------Funny, I don't remember Voting for either of these Clowns!
'' One of these Guys brought US the Ford Edsal ''
One brought US the Great Society; the other the EDSEL,
and Both that GottDamn WAR!
Robert S. McNamara could give duplicity a bad name. In his memoir, In Retrospect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam, he says that the Vietnam War was a mistake and that he knew it all along. We should have gotten out in 1963, when fewer than 100 Americans had been killed. When he and other US policymakers took us to war, they "had not truly investigated what was essentially at stake."
Washington Pin Headsí ever changing "Rules of Engagement:"

US Aircrews could not fire on Migs unless or until they were fired on first.  They were required to first identify the enemy before engaging them; which meant getting too close to use air to air missiles, which left guns, something F-4s weren't allowed to have early in the war.

When Airmen saw SAM sites under construction, they weren't allowed to go after them until they was operational and showing hostile intent.

Aircrews could not blow up rice pattie levies; rice patties were off limits. So--of course--the Communist put their AAAs in rice patties--where else!

Certain Bridges and Dams were Off Limits; anyplace Russian or Chinese "advisors" might be located, was Off Limits.

Our forces were not allowed "Hot Pursuit" of the enemy into Laos or Cambodia; or even into North Vietnam.

Examples of Orders:     See also LINK
"Hostile forces or installations, other than those actively engaged in accordance  with these rules, which are encountered outside the confines of Thailand, will  not be attacked except as necessary for self defense and only to that extent." 

"Definitive Rules of Engagement Applying to Laos" applies with the following exception: Suppressive or retaliatory fire against AAA is not authorized. 

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