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 United Nations Secretary Generals, a list

-------------Clinton Wants to Be Boss of U.N. ---Just when you thought it was Safe
 1 1946-53  Trygve Lie Norway   9.0
 2 1953-61 Dag Hammarskjold Sweden   7.3
 3 1961-71 U Thant  Burma Slug 2.2
 4 1971-81   Kurt Waldheim Austria ex-Nazi  --
 5 1982-92  Javier Perez de Cuellar Peru   2.0
 6 1992-96  Boutros Boutros Ghali Egypt Name says it all 1.4
 7 1997-03 Kofi Annan Ghana Idiot 1.1
 8 2003- Bill Clinton Mars All of the above 0.3
Just when you thought it was Safe to let your bitch dogs out, Bill Clinton wants to succeed Kofi Annan as secretary-general of the United Nations, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says.
"Now, here is the truly frightening aspect the fix is in. There are reports that Bill Clinton already has lined up support for his candidacy from Germany, France, England, Ireland and New Zealand. A handful of African states, led by Nigeria, are rooting for Bill. And Hillary has brought in Morocco and Egypt. The Russians have let it be known that they would not object to Clinton as the next secretary-general, and the Chinese love Bill almost as much as Monica did. 
"In Latin America, Ecuador and Brazil's new labor-loving, rabble-rousing populist presidents are Bill's type of politician, and in Asia, many Indian leaders think warm and fuzzy thoughts about the former U.S. president," says the Tribune Review.

Why should this surprise anyone? The U.N. and 'Slick Willie the Impeached,' are two pea brains in a pod: They both put America last.

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