Lenin: Liberals are "Useful Idiots"
------------"Useful Idiots" by Mona Charen
Lenin's prediction that liberals and other weak-minded souls in the West could be relied upon to be "useful idiots" has turned out to be abundantly True!
They never seem to learn; they constantly find themselves on the Wrong Side of issues.
Some of those to whom the Soviets could do NO WRONG.

Dan Rather * Peter Jennings * Tom Brokaw * Bryant Gumbel * Katie Couric *  Mike Wallace *  Phil Donahue * Carl Sagan * Bill Clinton * Hillary Clinton *  Bill Bradley * John Kenneth Galbraith * Mary McGrory * Hendrik Hertzberg *  Jimmy Carter * Strobe Talbott * Anthony Lewis * Arthur Miller * Ted  Sorenson * Oliver Stone * The New York Times * Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. *  Bill Moyers * Peter Arnett * Morley Safer * Walter Cronkite * George  McGovern * Susan Sontag * Rev. William Sloane Coffin * Mary McCarthy *  Jonathan Schell * Frances Fitzgerald * Time * Ron Dellums * John Kerry *  Harrison Salisbury * Linda Ellerbee * Sydney Schanberg * Christopher Dodd *  William Shawcross * Cyrus Vance * George F. Kennan * The Washington  Post * Max Lerner * Tom Wicker * John Maynard Keynes * Andrew Young *  Paul Samuelson * Lester Thurow * Harrison Salisbury * Ted Turner * Gail  Sheehy * Sidney Blumenthal * Paul Tsongas * Alan Cranston * Newsweek *  Geraldine Ferraro * Walter Mondale * Gary Hart * Ted Kennedy * Ted  Koppel * Barbara Boxer * Michael Dukakis * Norman Mailer * Charles  Rangel * Richard Cohen * Tip O'Neill * Tom Harkin * Patrick Leahy * Connie  Chung * John Chancellor * Janet Reno * Evan Thomas * Eleanor Clift ... and  countless others. 

Try as they might to deny the past, writes Charen, "the record of their actual  positions on matters from the nature of the Soviet system to the need for defense  spending, to aiding anticommunist guerillas around the globe are available. They  reveal what those who lived through it recall -- that the question of how or even  when to challenge the communists bitterly divided America for at least thirty  years. And liberals were, almost without exception, inclined to excuse, justify, or  ignore the grave sins of  our adversaries while always calling down the harshest  possible judgment on the U.S." 

 The network news anchor who pronounced at the height of the Cold War, "Despite what many Americans think, most Soviets do not yearn for capitalism or Western-style democracy" 

How liberals responded to each episode of Soviet  criminality by providing tit for tat examples of supposed American wrongdoing 

The ridiculous lengths liberals went to in order to give Gorbachev, not Reagan, the credit for the Soviet Union's abrupt collapse 

How, time and again, the Democrats' contempt for Reagan and his anticommunist foreign policy led them to conduct verging on disloyalty -- including private contacts with Communist leaders 

Each new Communist is different: how liberals were always eager to believe the best of the latest revolutionary  movement 

The CNN correspondent who declared, "If suddenly a true, two-party or multiparty state were to be formed in the  Soviet Union, the Communist Party would still win in a real free election" 

Why liberals believed (and did their damnedest to convince others) that anti-communism was a greater evil than communism 

How liberals kept alive the canard that the Soviet Union,  while not free, at least provided a decent living for all its citizens 

The famous liberal economist who declared in the 1980s, "What counts is results, and there can be no doubt that the Soviet planning system has been a powerful engine for economic growth" 

How American journalists traveling with President Nixon gushed about Red China -- a regime responsible for 65  million deaths 

Bryant and Katie go to Havana! Why the Today show  hosts' 1992 visit to Castro's Cuba was a milestone moment in  useful idiocy 

The New York Times reporter who issued rosy  assessments of life under Lenin and Stalin -- and won a Pulitzer Prize for it! 

How the media used distortion and outright lies in reporting on the war in Vietnam -- by, for instance, fabricating "reports" of civilian deaths caused by U.S. forces, and fostering the media myth that the South Vietnamese would not fight 

It wasn't just Jane Fonda: other "political pilgrims" who visited North Vietnam and sung its praises for Western ears 

Leading leftists who actively rooted for a communist victory in Southeast Asia -- and to this day haven't acknowledged  the horror of what they achieved 

How liberal journalists and Democrat politicians  pooh-poohed the danger of Communist victory in Cambodia 

How the New York Times' Cambodia correspondent  Sydney Schanberg filed dispatches ridiculed fears of a bloodbath by the Khmer Rouge -- even after their forced evacuation of 2 million people 

How liberals helped foster the myth that the Khmer Rouge was a "coalition" of disparate elements, some communist  and some not 

How, when the full story of the nightmare in Cambodia had become common knowledge, those who had misjudged the Communists shifted the blame away from them -- onto the United States! 

The ABC reporter who explained in 1986 that "Many  Soviets don't want Western-style human rights" 

How the media transformed Yuri Andropov from KGB enforcer to a Scotch-drinking, joke-telling, jazz-listening moderate 

Gaga over Gorbachev: what liberals eagerly overlooked in order to portray the new Soviet dictator as a reforming liberalizer 

Liberals react to the shootdown of KAL 007 -- and  somehow miss the point that most Americans got instantly 

How "nuclear freeze" advocates popularized wildly speculative theories like "nuclear winter" to push their cause 

"Useful Idiot #1"? The 1980s media star who earned that  title as much as anyone 

How Soviet "journalist" Vladimir Pozner suckered the media time and again as a Western TV celebrity in the 1980s 

Debunked: liberal canards about Cuba's "model health care system" and "universal literacy" 

How Cuban dissidents tried to use CNN's cameras to publicize their plight -- and the network never even aired the footage 

How the New York Times equated the invasion of Grenada  to free American hostages with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan! 

The "love affair" between American journalists and the Sandinistas. The two Democrat senators whose staff routinely coached the Sandinistas on relations with the U.S. Congress 

Study findings: how the media devoted five times more coverage to Salvadoran government abuses than to  Sandinista offenses 

Why the media were blindsided by the Sandinistas' 1990 electoral defeat in Nicaragua 

Post-communist blues: How a number of reporters couched their dispatches from the newly free nations behind the old Iron Curtain in sour tones redolent of nostalgia for Communism 

How the Elian Gonzalez affair proved that liberals learned nothing about Communism from history, from the accounts of refugees, or from its spectacular implosion in the Eastern bloc 

How the 9/11 attacks brought out the same "useful idiot" syndromes in liberals that characterized them during the  Cold War -- especially the reflex to "blame America first"