'' Who gives a Rat's Ass what THEY Think. ''
-------Remember the immortal words of Ted Williams:
--------"If you don't think too good, you shouldn't think too much."
'' The World has a Short Memory. ''
"Oh, what ever will the World Think ?" ----who Knows?  it's anybody's guess

"Oh, what ever will the French Think ?"  ----not to worry, they don't

"Oh, what ever will the Europeans Think of US ?"----not to worry, they don't

"Oh, what ever will the Arab Street Think ?" ----not to worry, they can't

"Oh, Why do so many countries Hate America ?" ----the people don't

"Oh, Don't forget the-UN"----just send money

The World seems to remember History in a very Selective and self-serving manner.

When we ask France for help in fighting a common enemy, they say go screw yourself.  Makes you wonder what would have happened if the US had said that to France in both World Wars. French war maneuvers: the raised hands...


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